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Huge snake surfaces outside Klang eatery after flash floods
17 Nov 2022
Python penned in after devouring goat
28 Sep 2022
Two Malaysians freed from 'snakeheads' in Myanmar
22 May 2022
Slithery serpent forces plane bound for Tawau to land in Kuching
11 Feb 2022
Snakes alive! Civil Defence remove two massive pythons at T'ganu construction site
10 Dec 2021
Flash floods hit parts of KL
10 Sep 2020
A nurse who's a voluntary firefighter too
1 Sep 2020
Rats in penguin enclosure? Zoo Negara says problem has been taken care of
12 Aug 2020
Queues snake around fashion wholesale mall on first day of conditional MCO
4 May 2020
14ft-long King Cobra "visits" family under restricted movement
1 Apr 2020
Festive atmosphere at Chinese New Year and deity's birthday
31 Jan 2020
Retro Recipe: Podalangai kootu
18 Oct 2019
Thai firefighter finds solace in snake catching
21 Aug 2019
No job too small for Bomba’s air unit
27 Jul 2019
Do You Know... about World Snake Day?
16 Jul 2019
Woman narrowly cheats death after python attack
27 May 2019
This three-eyed snake is the stuff of nightmares
5 May 2019
Queen of the Bomba’s King Cobra Squad
26 Mar 2019
Whopper 100kg python caught in Kedah
19 Aug 2018
Bare-hand snake catcher in Thailand
11 Jun 2018
Snakey battle in Penang
9 Apr 2018
Umie Aida lived with a snake for two months for ‘Dukun’
5 Apr 2018
'Snake whisperer' firefighter dies after snake bite
16 Mar 2018
'Snake whisperer' firefighter dies after snake bite
16 Mar 2018
Indonesian troops impress US Defence Secretary with rare military demo
25 Jan 2018
Lindsay Lohan bitten by snake in Phuket
3 Jan 2018
Snake on a train: man grabs and kills snake on Jakarta train
24 Nov 2017
Drone & Phone: Malaysia Adventure - Surviving Sun, Sand and Snake
2 Nov 2017
Restaurant raided for serving bush meat
14 Aug 2017
Nun nearly became Python's meal
7 Aug 2017
It's frog season in Northern Thailand
23 May 2017
Python swallows man
31 Mar 2017
Snake bite victim recuperating from his ordeal
1 Jun 2016