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Aidiladha prayers liven up Hari Raya despite Covid-19 restrictions
20 Jul 2021
Trader fined RM2k for possessing illegally slaughtered cow carcass
1 Sep 2020
Only 20 visitors max per home,10 animals slaughtered for Hari Raya Aidiladha, says Senior Minister
27 Jul 2020
The Jakarta Post | Indonesian animal lover rescues more than 1,000 dogs from butchers
17 Jul 2020
Two men spend RM13,000 to save auctioned animals
21 Nov 2019
PM: Aidiladha a day of sacrifice, not just sacrificing animals
11 Aug 2019
Massachusetts manslaughter conviction upheld in teen texting suicide case
7 Feb 2019
Knife-wielding woman injures 14 in China kindergarten attack
26 Oct 2018
American rap mogul Knight sentenced to 28 years in jail
5 Oct 2018
Dallas officer charged with shooting death of neighbor
10 Sep 2018
Cow, ox to marry as survivors from butcher's knife
10 Apr 2018
Submarine killing was a murder and Danish inventor faces life sentence, say prosecutors
17 Jan 2018
Girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter cooperating with investigators
5 Oct 2017
Government recognises Armed Forces' sacrifice to the country
1 Sep 2017
Tug-of-war resumes over Thai temple tigers
3 Jun 2016