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'Whispering' silenced at Penaga fish market
30 Mar 2020
Volcano probe could take a year, says New Zealand PM
16 Dec 2019
Azmin: Are they attempting to silence me?
14 Nov 2019
Ramasamy: There is an attempt to silence critics of Zakir Naik
21 Oct 2019
Protesting lawmakers pushed away during UK Parliament suspension
10 Sep 2019
Dr Wee: Govt shouldn't use 'technicalities' to avoid questions in Dewan Rakyat
10 Jul 2019
Paul Yong breaks his silence
10 Jul 2019
Leaders hail Stephen Wong as a ‘true Sabahan fighter’
28 Mar 2019
'We are one' says PM Ardern as New Zealand mourns with prayers, silence
22 Mar 2019
Parliament observes moment of silence for slain Malaysian teen
21 Mar 2019
Lawmakers unanimously condemn Christchurch terror attack after emergency motion
18 Mar 2019
Ethiopia crash probe begins as Boeing shares slide
11 Mar 2019
Anwar: Let party leaders shout
19 Jan 2019
Trump calls ex-lawyer Cohen a 'rat'
17 Dec 2018
Evidence shows Khashoggi was brutally murdered
23 Oct 2018
Surendran: Wall of Silence
14 Sep 2018
Giuliani says Trump repaid $130,000 to lawyer to silence porn star
3 May 2018
DPM: Measures put in place not to silence critics but for awareness
17 Apr 2018
Pope Francis defends his Rohingya silence in Myanmar
4 Dec 2017
Suu Kyi breaks silence over Rohingya exodus
19 Sep 2017
‘Kamisan’ protest continues to be met with silence
4 Aug 2017