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How RM11bil was shaved off ECRL costs
22 Dec 2022
South Korean truckers shave heads in protest as government orders drivers back to work
29 Nov 2022
The Straits Times | Is rising inflation here to stay?
8 Jun 2022
Close shave for workers on gondola that swings violently mid-air
23 Feb 2022
South Korean youth shave heads in Fukushima protest
20 Apr 2021
EP10: Is having a beard more attractive? | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT
12 Apr 2020
Klopp's coronavirus comments go viral
5 Mar 2020
Monk ordination exercise at Penang temple to clear the minds
27 Nov 2019
MRT lift mugger was shaving head when busted
19 Feb 2019
Thailand's hairy teen has her hair shaved regularly
8 Jan 2018
Close shave for runners
22 Sep 2017
Close shave for toddler
10 Aug 2017