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I wish I could die, says Iranian commander after learning of Ukrainian plane crash
11 Jan 2020
Ismail Sabri: SRC trial is Najib’s personal matter
11 Nov 2019
Zahid: Umno will not distance itself from Najib after defence called in SRC trial
11 Nov 2019
Anwar: Let Dr M explain himself
8 Jul 2019
Self-defence techniques for women
20 Feb 2019
Wan Azizah: Women should learn some basic self-defence to protect themselves
18 Feb 2019
Colorado jogger strangles mountain lion after attack
6 Feb 2019
S. African self-defence trainer crowned Miss Universe 2017
27 Nov 2017
Kung Fu nuns in India strike back at attacks against women
25 Aug 2017
FCX: Taekwondo Supreme Grandmaster Kim Bok Man Returns To KL
10 Sep 2015