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3,500-year-old bear found in Siberian permafrost
28 Feb 2023
We're ready for launch of Shenzhou-15 spaceflight mission, says Chinese scientist
28 Nov 2022
12,000-year-old remains of elephant relative found in Chile
28 Sep 2022
Vietnam News | Science Heritage
12 Sep 2022
Chinese female scientist helps villagers out of poverty
3 Sep 2022
Chinese scientists eye more international space cooperation
2 Sep 2022
'Ear in the ocean' helps scientists track coral reef health
6 Jun 2022
Chinese scientists propose hunt for nearby habitable planets
25 May 2022
Female scientists describe memorable moments in Mt. Qomolangma scientific expedition
11 May 2022
Chinese scientists make breakthroughs in captive breeding of Malayan pangolins
7 May 2022
Plastic in human blood system: M’sia to study finding, says Health Minister
26 Mar 2022
Covid-19: Legal action possible if caught falsifying RTK results, says KJ
26 Mar 2022
WHO says no evidence healthy children, adolescents need Covid-19 boosters
19 Jan 2022
Omicron 'overtaking' Delta in S. Africa
3 Dec 2021
Covid-19: First known U.S. Omicron case detected in California
2 Dec 2021
New Covid-19 variant got South Africans worried
26 Nov 2021
One of world's oldest universities unearthed in southeast Turkey
22 Nov 2021
FDA declines to take stance on Moderna boosters
13 Oct 2021
WHO warns against mixing and matching Covid vaccines
13 Jul 2021
'Enormous' dinosaur discovered in Australia
8 Jun 2021
Experts mourn death of China's ‘father of hybrid rice’
23 May 2021
India leaders ignored variant warnings, say scientists
2 May 2021
Witnessed by Satellites: Magical green handshake appears on desert
26 Feb 2021
Chinese scientists may have key to delaying ageing
20 Jan 2021
WHO says its team happy to work with Chinese scientists in Covid-19 investigation
16 Jan 2021
WHO coronavirus investigators arrive in Wuhan
15 Jan 2021
China's space probe retrieves 1,731g of moon samples
20 Dec 2020
Langur Project Penang seeks to protect primate in peril | Golden Hearts Award 2020
24 Nov 2020
Scientists greet Pfizer vaccine announcement with optimism
10 Nov 2020
UM paleontologists discover fossil of extinct elephant in Gopeng cave
9 Oct 2020
"Messy, sloppy": political analysts on US presidential debate
30 Sep 2020
Australia attempts to rescue hundreds of stranded pilot whales
22 Sep 2020
Widespread use of Covid-19 vaccine not expected until mid-2021
5 Sep 2020
Malaysian scientist wins coveted award, honoured for work on vaccine
5 Sep 2020
Bringing back extinct rhinos, with stem cells
13 Aug 2020
Steroid drug hailed as 'breakthrough' for seriously ill COVID-19 patients
17 Jun 2020
Covid-19: Singapore scientists to start human trials of vaccine in August
16 Jun 2020
Researcher: Take new Wuhan study 'with a grain of salt'
11 Jun 2020
Trump says he’s taking anti-malaria drug despite scientists’ concern
19 May 2020
Three distinct strains of Covid-19 identified
13 Apr 2020
Australia scientists claim first re-creation of coronavirus outside China
29 Jan 2020
Scientists successfully train rats to drive tiny cars
25 Oct 2019
Scientists who revealed "strange and wonderful" universe win Nobel prize
9 Oct 2019
Trio win Nobel Prize for oxygen research
8 Oct 2019
Black hole rips apart an unfortunate star
30 Sep 2019
'Remarkable' first image of black hole unveiled
11 Apr 2019
Do you know...what being autistic means?
12 Mar 2019
Widow, two teens claim trial to murder of Cradle Fund CEO
12 Mar 2019
Why are Opposition members jumping ship?
5 Jan 2019
Pakatan Harapan at risk of implosion?
19 Dec 2018
G25 urges Govt to implement urgent reforms in political financing
21 Jul 2018
Stephen Hawking's voice rests in space
16 Jun 2018
Israel dismisses suggestions it killed Palestinian in Malaysia
23 Apr 2018
IGP denies cops slow to respond to Palestinian shooting
22 Apr 2018
‘Hawking was a courageous man’
1 Apr 2018
Cambridge bids farewell to Hawking
31 Mar 2018
Chinese space station will crash, but it probably won't hit you
30 Mar 2018
Wan Junaidi: New incentives for FRIM scientists being drafted
15 Mar 2018
Stephen Hawking, who conquered the stars, dies at 76
14 Mar 2018
Malaysian scientist awarded with Order of the British Empire
7 Feb 2018
Potential blood test for Alzheimer's shows early promise
3 Feb 2018
Fidel Castro’s son commits suicide
2 Feb 2018
Meet Jackal
4 Jan 2018
Eurek-baa: Scientists find sheep can recognise human faces
9 Nov 2017
Deadly box jellyfish invasion in Penang
31 Oct 2017
Young scientist invents device that detects lead in water
25 Oct 2017
Rare Golden Sea Cucumbers found in Songsong Island expedition
4 Oct 2017
M’sian scientist who discovered 'superbugs' solution honoured
17 Sep 2017