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Apple unveils new iPhones, Airpods and watches
8 Sep 2022
Measat-3d successfully launched in French Guiana
23 Jun 2022
Elon Musk’s Starlink to provide “game-changing” internet access in Malaysia, says Azmin
21 May 2022
Telcos upgrading 3G transmitter stations to 4G, says Deputy Communications Minister
15 Mar 2022
Hamzah: Easier and faster for expats to get employment passes under new issuing process
30 Nov 2021
Shenzhou-12 to send three Chinese astronauts to build space station
16 Jun 2021
Witnessed by Satellites: Magical green handshake appears on desert
26 Feb 2021
The Jakarta Post | Indonesia tracks marine litter through satellite
20 Dec 2020
China puts final satellite for Beidou into orbit
23 Jun 2020
Train possibly belonging to Kim Jong Un spotted in resort town
27 Apr 2020
Budget 2020: Broadband access in the interior of Malaysia
11 Oct 2019
MDTCA gets 2,500 e-commerce fraud complaints monthly
15 Aug 2019
Yeo Bee Yin: Satellite data shows Pasir Gudang has 46 possible illegal dumping grounds
20 Mar 2019
Big step with small satellites for Malaysia
12 Aug 2018
Successful launch of the GOES-S satellite
2 Mar 2018
Khairy: Boot camp programme helps secure jobs
22 Jan 2018
Satellite to test space garbage collection methods
23 Aug 2017
Indonesia's Telkom's 3S satellite begins orbital journey
2 Mar 2017