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Thai queen's motorcade squeezes by anti-government protesters
15 Oct 2020
Anti-authority "Hunger Games" salute spreads through Thai high schools
19 Aug 2020
It’s wrong! | German ambassador on UMS graduate nazi salute
13 Dec 2019
King's installation begins with the royal salute
30 Jul 2019
Dr Siti Hasmah salutes armed forces, wants Malaysians to be grateful for country’s peace
28 May 2019
The Harimau Malaya chant before the Suzuki Cup match
15 Dec 2018
Agong opens first session of 14th Parliament
17 Jul 2018
Robert Kuok to Dr M: You saved the country
23 May 2018
Mat Sabu ‘nervous’ on first day as Defence Minister
22 May 2018
Bugis warrior, I salute you, says Tun M
31 Dec 2017