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Kim Jong Un is back on his white horse
4 Dec 2019
North Korea's Kim rides white stallion ahead of 'great operation'
16 Oct 2019
30 people baptised on Easter Vigil in Sibu
21 Apr 2019
IGP’s full press conference on temple clash
27 Nov 2018
ASEAN Scoop: Robe-covering event on Buddha image in Thailand
13 Apr 2018
Gunman kills at least 26 worshippers at Texas church
6 Nov 2017
Villagers perform sacred ceremony to honour mythical serpent
1 Aug 2017
Bodhi tree with pink tinge discovered at Thai temple
12 Jun 2017
Devotees gather ‘golden leaves’ from sacred tree
3 Mar 2017
FCX: Spirit Carvings Of The Mah Meri Orang Asli
3 Feb 2016
GO Uncover - Emerald Buddha Temple, Bangkok
18 Jan 2016