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Jobless man jailed five months for trespassing into Johor palace
27 May 2020
Four men charged with trespassing into Gombak welfare home
15 May 2020
Retired cops want stern action against CPM sympathisers
24 Dec 2019
Xavier: Govt mulls heavier penalty for illegal trespassing and rape of forest reserve
4 Dec 2019
Jason Lo pleads not guilty to trespassing, consuming drugs
18 Nov 2019
Xavier: Govt mulls amending laws to charge those trespassing permanent forest reserves
23 Aug 2019
Vietnamese vessel detained for encroaching Malaysian waters
11 Aug 2019
Illegal waste being burned on state land in Penang
3 May 2019
FT Ministry lodges report to MACC over Medan Imbi land
23 Jan 2019
Jamal Yunos claims already being punished before trial starts
10 Aug 2018
Jobless man denies trespassing on palace grounds
11 Mar 2018
JPJ officer claims trial over break-in at DG's office
21 Sep 2017
Orang Asli show solidarity with 47 arrested activists
30 Nov 2016