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Search on for 70 runaway crocodiles in China
15 Sep 2023
22 snakes seized from woman arriving at Chennai airport from KL
30 Apr 2023
Crocodile found dead in fishing net in Melaka
9 Apr 2023
Croc caught at Sungai Merah bazaar in Sibu
26 Mar 2023
Loved-up pythons crash through ceiling
15 Feb 2023
Villager spots large croc on flooded Pahang road
13 Dec 2022
Croc spotted at KK's popular Likas Bay beach
9 Dec 2022
Father injured while trying to rescue son from crocodile off Lahad Datu
1 Dec 2022
Four crocs shot dead in Sandakan as hunt for killer reptile goes on
14 Sep 2022
SFC: Report croc threats to us first, don’t kill the reptiles
6 Mar 2022
Five-meter-long crocodile spotted at a pump house
10 Oct 2021
Wildlife rangers trap croc in drain near vocational college in KK
30 Sep 2021
3m-long crocodile caught along river in Beaufort
14 Jul 2021
Virtual tours the next step for Melaka butterfly, reptile sanctuary
26 Jun 2021
14.5 feet long croc caught in Pulau Gaya
13 Jun 2021
Man says he shot crocodile in Limbang
14 Nov 2020
Croc attack: Factory worker's remains found with only head and shoulders
31 Oct 2020
Do you know ... about World Lizard Day?
14 Aug 2019
Huge croc rescued from shrimp net in Sungai Bako
26 Jun 2019
Killer croc caught in trap set up by Tawau wildlife officers
13 May 2019
This three-eyed snake is the stuff of nightmares
5 May 2019
`Sunbathing’ crocodile at Miri beach causes a stir
9 Sep 2018
Urban Tales: Herping in KL’s urban jungle
21 Jan 2018
Villagers capture croc in Sungai Seblak
2 Jan 2018
Croc spotted in Klang River
23 Sep 2017
Thai netizens in awe of sister's pet lizard
2 Aug 2017
Kheng the croc gets a decent funeral
15 Jun 2017
Man offers big bucks for long geckos
26 May 2017
Woman earns the praise of netizens for hugging a monitor lizard
12 Oct 2016
Roasted garden lizard salad is a tasty dish that also gets you the chicks
16 Mar 2016