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US returns 38 pieces of cultural objects to China, fostering deeper cultural exchanges
18 Apr 2024
Football match at Buddha relics site in Afghanistan promotes relic protection
15 Nov 2023
Ancient inscription, two statues discovered at Bukit Choras dig site in Kedah
22 Sep 2023
Relics in Xi'an witness cultural exchanges between China, Central Asia
20 May 2023
Security to be beefed up at St Paul’s Church after vandalism claim
2 May 2023
Ming Dynasty mural tomb found in central China's Hunan
12 Mar 2023
US returns to Italy looted antiquities worth US$19mil
7 Sep 2022
Museum docent's talk show lets young people get interested in cultural relics
6 Jul 2022
Newly developed robots applied to preserve cultural relics in NW China
24 Jun 2022
Ancient academy relics shed light on roots of Chinese civilisation
13 Mar 2022
Revival of ancient Great Wall in China's Ningxia
12 Dec 2021
Digital technologies help preserve world cultural heritage in central China
18 Jul 2021
Thousand-year-old stolen ancient lintels return to Thailand from the US
2 Jun 2021
Over 1,000 important relics unearthed at Sanxingdui
29 May 2021
Travel back to China 2,000 years ago at Hunan Museum
23 May 2021
2,200-year-old bronze chariots, horses displayed in new museum in Xi’an
19 May 2021
China's CRRC unveils Sanxingdui-themed self-driving train
7 May 2021
Over 1,500 cultural relics unearthed in SW China's Yunnan
5 Oct 2020
ASEAN Scoop: Superstition over relics stolen from Thai historic sites
9 Feb 2018
Celebrating Wesak Day at Yaku Pagoda
10 May 2017
Living City - Explorers of Singapore's wartime relic Fort Serapong on Sentosa
26 Jan 2017