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Civil Defence Force capture python in geese enclosure in Penampang
1 Aug 2023
Bomba captures 7m-long python near Sekinchan mosque
31 Mar 2023
Loved-up pythons crash through ceiling
15 Feb 2023
Slithering surprise: Python found in washing machine at Johor launderette
2 Oct 2022
Python penned in after devouring goat
28 Sep 2022
Bomba captures 50kg python in Lenggong
10 Apr 2022
VIRAL: Sg Petani boy gains Internet fame with his slick reporting style
26 Jan 2022
Snakes alive! Civil Defence remove two massive pythons at T'ganu construction site
10 Dec 2021
OFF THE BEAT: One man’s meat in Kapit
31 May 2019
Woman narrowly cheats death after python attack
27 May 2019
This three-eyed snake is the stuff of nightmares
5 May 2019
Hungarians march in 'silly walk' parade
2 Apr 2019
Whopper 100kg python caught in Kedah
19 Aug 2018
Snakey battle in Penang
9 Apr 2018
Nun nearly became Python's meal
7 Aug 2017
Python swallows man
31 Mar 2017
Snake bite victim recuperating from his ordeal
1 Jun 2016
Myanmar MMA fighter seeks blazing homecoming after 12-year gap
11 Mar 2016