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Daughter of Philippines leader Duterte files VP candidacy
13 Nov 2021
Duterte fuels rumours his daughter will run for office
3 Oct 2021
Boxer Manny Pacquiao to run for Philippine presidency
20 Sep 2021
Graphic video of US Capitol Hill siege kicks-off historic impeachment trial
10 Feb 2021
Donald Trump Jr says America is not a 'banana republic', claiming voting fraud
6 Nov 2020
Biden says he will win presidency, calls for patience as votes are counted
6 Nov 2020
Biden says election 'ain't over till every vote is counted'
4 Nov 2020
Michelle Obama presses fight for Biden with scathing attack on Trump
18 Aug 2020
Kanye West raises eyebrows with his announcement of US presidency
5 Jul 2020
Egypt's ex-president Hosni Mubarak dies at 91
25 Feb 2020
Businessman Andrew Yang drops out of Democrat race for presidency
12 Feb 2020
Obama on gender equality
13 Dec 2019
New Ukraine President Zelenskiy dissolves parliament
20 May 2019
Foxconn tycoon Terry Gou enters race for Taiwan presidency
17 Apr 2019
Tok Mat dismisses taking over as Umno President
5 Mar 2019
PKR: Azmin leads race, but yet to win deputy presidency
12 Nov 2018
Straight fight between Dominic Lau and Andy Yong for Gerakan presidency
10 Nov 2018
Should Zahid vacate Umno No.1 position? There are precedents, says Ku Li
20 Oct 2018
Zimbabwe's president takes oath as U.S. censure hangs over vote
27 Aug 2018
Anwar: Rafizi not easily goaded
17 Aug 2018
Anwar submits nomination papers for PKR presidency
5 Aug 2018
Umno new secretary-general ‘clearing the air’
16 Jul 2018
Anwar confirms contesting PKR presidency
15 Jul 2018
Wan Azizah denies having two camps in PKR, on PKR presidency, Parliament speaker’s list and more
8 Jul 2018
Zahid Hamidi officially wins Umno presidency (Subtitled)
1 Jul 2018
Zahid Hamidi wins Umno presidency
1 Jul 2018
Sweeping reforms ahead if Umno presidential candidates have their way
29 Jun 2018
KJ to run for Umno presidency too
17 Jun 2018
Ku Li running for Umno presidency
16 Jun 2018
Ku Li still mulling over Umno presidency
12 Jun 2018
Ku Li: I am a nudge away from taking on Zahid for Umno No. 1
10 Jun 2018
Zahid: All Umno positions, including president, open for contest
22 May 2018
Brazil's Lula defies prison order, creating standoff
7 Apr 2018
Duterte's shocking, shrewd shot at the Philippine presidency
9 May 2016