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“No more questions from you!” - Thai PM sprays reporters to end presser
9 Mar 2021
Thailand’s key protest leader freed by court
22 Oct 2020
Thai PM says will lift emergency amid protests
22 Oct 2020
Thai security forces defend crackdown on ‘illegal’ protests
17 Oct 2020
Thailand bans protests, news that ‘could create fear’
15 Oct 2020
Asia-wide trade pact on course, says Thailand at Asean summit
4 Nov 2019
Asean chairman pledges close regional partnership to tackle international trade frictions
3 Nov 2019
Tun M pledges to help end violence in Thai South
24 Oct 2018
Alibaba to invest huge funds in Thailand
20 Apr 2018
'Ask this guy!'
9 Jan 2018
Colour in Thailand back after a year of mourning for late King
31 Oct 2017
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to meet Thai Prime Minister
19 Oct 2017
Thai premier visits the White House
4 Oct 2017