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Dad of suspected abuse victim tests positive for drugs
10 Feb 2020
Dr M is acting Education Minister
10 Jan 2020
Dr M: Nobody can use my name to profit commercially
22 Nov 2019
Mahathir slams US support for Israel’s occupied territory settlements
19 Nov 2019
Six MPs appointed to assist DBKL committees
30 May 2019
MRL CEO: ECRL construction to start as early as May
15 Apr 2019
PM wants special court to hear corruption cases
19 Mar 2019
Federal govt not declaring emergency over Pasir Gudang chemical spill
14 Mar 2019
Govt will not ratify ICERD, says PMO
23 Nov 2018
Tun M announces two-term limit for PM, CMs and MBs
18 Oct 2018
No one from Umno has come forward to claim stolen RM3.5mil, says IGP
14 Aug 2018
Tun Mahathir’s first day in PMO
23 May 2018
Tun M: We can take on any challenge
21 May 2018
PMO announces new 1MDB task force
21 May 2018
PM: National debt now more than RM1 trillion
21 May 2018
PM: Govt to be more efficient without raising costs
21 May 2018
We need separation of powers, says PM
21 May 2018
Tun M: We'll restore Malaysia's glory
21 May 2018