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Dangerous driving: Cops hunting drivers of seven luxury cars with foreign registration numbers
19 Jul 2022
Discovering ancient Silk Road: Mystery of a tomb cluster
25 May 2022
RM6 plate of fried rice in Bahau ‘packs a punch’
7 May 2022
VTL-Air guidelines for Thailand, Cambodia to be announced within two days
4 Mar 2022
Vietnam News | Kon Ha Nung biosphere reserve - A hidden gem
22 Oct 2021
From Tea Horse Road to Belt and Road
1 Sep 2021
Postmen witness improving postal road network in Tibet
22 Aug 2021
Tajik dancer on Pamir Plateau
11 Aug 2021
Special "FD" vehicle registration plate to mark JPJ's 75th anniversary
12 Apr 2021
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau scientific expedition reaches new heights
15 Jan 2021
New Yinchuan-Xi'an high-speed rail line starts operation
29 Dec 2020
Senator: Persons with disabilities (PwD) vehicle plate to enable action against misuse of facilities
22 Dec 2020
Rare snow leopard sighting at east end of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
12 Oct 2020
Amazing scenery of Tibet's plateau lakes
10 Oct 2020
Anti-food waste campaign in full swing in Guizhou
19 Aug 2020
Buffet meal food must be handled by servers, says Ismail Sabri
16 Jul 2020
Video of car being driven on Federal Highway bike lane goes viral
24 Jun 2020
Bidding for love: JPJ nets RM3.4mil from SYG vehicle registration series
17 Jun 2020
“Parasite” director has arms full at post-show engraving
10 Feb 2020
How a top chef plates meals
20 Nov 2019
E-bidding for ‘PPC’ series number plate to start from Aug 2
26 Jul 2019
Teacher wins durian eating contest
20 Jul 2019
Loke dodges question on 'TMJ' and 'RZ' vehicle number plates
2 Jul 2019
Chong Wei hasn’t made up his mind on retirement
7 Jun 2019
Report traffic offenders to RTD via WhatsApp, email
3 Jun 2019
Cops ready to stop vehicle owners who covered their registration plates
29 May 2019
MP questions ‘special treatment’ given to BN ‘propaganda unit’
3 Dec 2018
Highest bid ever: RM1,111,111 for 'Malaysia 1' number plate
24 Aug 2018
Malaysia1 … Malaysia2… Get your special vehicle registration numbers today
1 Aug 2018
MOT to launch ‘Malaysia’ car plate series, expects to raise RM22mil
4 Jun 2018
Basil-fried dishes sell like hot cakes
22 Jan 2018
Have a taste of blue rice at “Projek Nasi Lemak”
2 Oct 2017
Seven continents served in a plate of rice
2 Oct 2017
Thai vehicle licence plates washed away by floods
28 Sep 2017
The Many Faces of Sichuan
23 Sep 2017
Special plates with an aim to help artistes
6 Sep 2017
Ipoh pupils spread the message of unity
24 Aug 2017
Raise the Flag: Pupils express love for country with creative designs
19 Aug 2017
Thai motorists' obsession with auspicious license plate numbers
18 May 2017