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Waiting for the ‘friendly gesture’
9 Mar 2023
Bear with govt while we sort out nation's finances, PM tells civil servants over salary review
27 Feb 2023
Changing lives, a beat at a time | Star Golden Hearts Award 2022
29 Nov 2022
King calls for patience, decision soon on appointment of 10th Prime Minister
22 Nov 2022
Azam firm on staying put, says will reveal truth when time is right
12 Jan 2022
Give us more time before interstate travel is allowed, says Khairy
3 Sep 2021
US Election: "We're going to win this race", says Biden
7 Nov 2020
Biden says he will win presidency, calls for patience as votes are counted
6 Nov 2020
Covid-19: Dr M asks Muslims to accept restrictions during Ramadan
24 Apr 2020
Don't test my patience, says Anwar
4 Dec 2019
MCA: Why flip-flops in policies?
6 Oct 2019
Joko Widodo urges supporters to wait for official election results in May
18 Apr 2019
PM: Respect judiciary process on Najib’s case
12 Mar 2019
DPM: Women should be more business driven
4 Mar 2019
Dr M: Be patient, wait for Guan Eng's announcement on ECRL
28 Jan 2019
Perkasa threatens to 'run amok', says patience ending
2 Dec 2018
Tony: Clare has the ability to ‘seduce’ info out of people
8 Sep 2018