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Sultan Ahmad Shah laid to rest
23 May 2019
Pahang declares May 23 a state holiday, 40-day mourning period for Sultan Ahmad Shah
22 May 2019
Parliament observes moment of silence for slain Malaysian teen
21 Mar 2019
Victims still missing in Italian bridge disaster
19 Aug 2018
Thai boys pay tribute to ex-Navy Seal who died in rescue mission
15 Jul 2018
British public, media mourn Stephen Hawking
15 Mar 2018
After a year of mourning, Thailand moves on...
31 Oct 2017
Colour in Thailand back after a year of mourning for late King
31 Oct 2017
Mexico City's Day of Dead parade honors quake rescuers
29 Oct 2017
Chonburi residents decorate their homes with Marigold to honour King Bhumibol
23 Oct 2017
Cat refuses to leave grave
19 Sep 2017
Vigil held for Barcelona attack victims
19 Aug 2017
Kitty sad over the loss of her furry friend
14 Jul 2017
Bhutan royals pay their respects to King Bhumibol
18 Oct 2016
Traffic congestion hits Bangkok as Thais rush to buy black clothes
18 Oct 2016
Thailand’s commerce ministry monitors the prices of black clothes
18 Oct 2016
What to wear in Thailand when the country is in mourning
18 Oct 2016
Turning Point: Businessman soldiers on after son's death
24 May 2016