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Op Selamat: Don’t try to outsmart the police, warns IGP
24 May 2019
Tinted love: New policy allows fully darkened rear windows and windshield
7 May 2019
Khalid Samad launches 'Anti-Litter-Give Your Litter A Lift Home' campaign
10 Feb 2019
Motorists get traffic advice and goodies
31 Jan 2019
Maximum fine for motorists who break rules during CNY
22 Jan 2019
Tourists filmed juggling at intersection in Kota Kinabalu
17 Jan 2019
Lucky motorists get road safety goodies
20 Dec 2018
Crowd builds up at Dataran Merdeka, ahead of 2pm anti-Icerd rally
8 Dec 2018
Tips on escaping from your car sinking in floodwaters
25 Nov 2018
Motorists get stranded when flash flood hits tunnel
12 Nov 2018
Flash floods hit Puchong as motorists caught in massive jam
2 Oct 2018
This is why you shouldn't double park
2 Oct 2018
Trailer crash causes major traffic jam on ELITE Expressway
13 Apr 2018
DPM: Up to 30,000 road fatalities yearly
25 Feb 2018
Myvi drivers in fatal DUKE crash jailed three years, fined RM10,000
21 Feb 2018
4,000 traffic police to ensure road safety during CNY
5 Feb 2018
Joy ride at four toll plazas on New Year's Day
31 Dec 2017
Beware! Motorists on road without helmets in Thailand
20 Dec 2017
Rawang Bypass opens to traffic
29 Nov 2017
motorists claim compensation from their insurance after Bangkok's massive flash floods
23 Oct 2017
Road collapse in Johor Baru forces road closure
10 Oct 2017
Thai vehicle licence plates washed away by floods
28 Sep 2017
Youths drape giant Jalur Gemilang over iconic 'Ipoh' sign
18 Sep 2017
Street exorcism
23 Aug 2017
Drunk driver gives stupid excuse to get off the hook
17 Aug 2017
Pranksters pay a heavy price
9 Aug 2017
Cop injured by fleeing motorist
14 Jul 2017
Cars damaged by fallen trees in Chiangmai's popular tourist spot
12 Jul 2017
Thai motorists' obsession with auspicious license plate numbers
18 May 2017
Two stray kittens found under the hood of a car
3 May 2017
Motorist with warp speed capability
1 May 2017
Rogue elephant gives motorists the jitters
4 Apr 2017
Oil truck wreaks havoc
10 Mar 2017
Free fuel for those who read the Koran
17 Jun 2016