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The Straits Times | Three Singapore River bridges standing the test of time
1 Feb 2021
Chris Hemsworth helps return Tasmanian devils to the wild
6 Oct 2020
India's Taj Mahal welcomes back visitors
22 Sep 2020
India puts back Taj Mahal reopening citing Covid-19 risks
6 Jul 2020
Trump repeats vow to defeat 'radical left' in July 4th speech
5 Jul 2020
Protests reignite debate of Europe's statues to African slavery
9 Jun 2020
Zebra crossing to replace dismantled bridge, says MBPP
6 Feb 2020
Dr M officiates TNB's An-Nur Balai Islam Complex
16 Jan 2020
Suspected grenade blast near Indonesia's presidential palace hurts two
3 Dec 2019
Fallen heroes - Gone but not forgotten
10 Nov 2019
MCA Youth stages protest against Kedah’s Japanese war monument
25 Apr 2019
MCA youth protest for the dignity of Chinese community
26 Mar 2019
Trouble with translation made Japanese invaders into heroes
25 Mar 2019
Controversial Japanese monument a state matter, says Tourism Minister
25 Mar 2019
‘Japanese heroes’ signboard taken down
24 Mar 2019
Outrage over Kedah monument to remember fallen Japanese soldiers
24 Mar 2019
Hindu temple says sorry to Adib and his family
22 Dec 2018
N. Korea's Kim, S. Korea's Moon plant tree for peace
27 Apr 2018
Umno AGM: Under Dr M, Putrajaya cared more for monuments than people, says KJ
6 Dec 2017
Mongolians protest as bulldozers threaten Beatles monument
12 Aug 2017