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Zakir Naik sticks to prayers at Melaka mosque, no speeches
8 Sep 2019
Afghan wedding suicide blast kills 63, wounds 182 - ministry
18 Aug 2019
My Minister series: P. Waytha Moorthy
10 Nov 2018
Treat everyone equally, we are all Malaysians
7 Oct 2018
Anwar's first campaign stop in PD
30 Sep 2018
Dr M: Govt to set up taskforce to look after minorities
17 May 2018
Mukhriz: Pakatan has mandate to form Kedah govt
11 May 2018
Mukhriz sworn in as Kedah MB
11 May 2018
China's Lisu minority guards a culture of crossbows
25 Apr 2018
More will be done to help the Indian community: Tun M
6 Apr 2018
Pakatan’s partner Mira won’t contest in GE14 unless asked to
14 Mar 2018
Tun M: Hindraf, Mira are now Pakatan’s strategic partners
6 Mar 2018
NewGen Party changes name, seeks to join Pakatan
23 Sep 2017
International Tribunal finds Myanmar government guilty of genocide
22 Sep 2017
Persecution of Rohingya not confined to Rakhine says human rights group
5 Sep 2017