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Explore China's tropical rainforest
25 Sep 2021
Appeal of "china town" Jingdezhen
26 May 2021
Witnessed by Satellites: Magical green handshake appears on desert
26 Feb 2021
Cuddling in Covid: 'Hug bubble' lets French seniors feel the magic of touch
6 Dec 2020
From magician to durian seller
8 Sep 2020
Artist creates mural of King using khat calligraphy
30 Aug 2020
Magical ‘crying’ tree turns out to be cicada pee
30 Jan 2019
“Aquacadabra” at Aquaria KLCC
20 Dec 2018
Guan Eng calls for stern action against G3 for false racial accusations
22 Nov 2018
Hong Kong magician Miss Hunny Ho injured in snatch theft attempt in KL
24 Aug 2018
When magic comes alive
15 Aug 2018
David Copperfield’s vanishing act secrets revealed
20 Apr 2018
Former teen model accuses magician Copperfield of sexual assault
26 Jan 2018
Mahdi Moudini, The Magician Extraordinaire
29 Oct 2017
Lantern festival brightens up Sibu
5 Oct 2017
Govt considers supporting Impact Driven Enterprise
5 Sep 2017
Illusionists steal the show at Penang food fest
3 Sep 2017
Famous Swedish illusionist to perform at Pattaya's Tiffany cabaret show
3 May 2016