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Fly the Jalur Gemilang during National, Malaysia Day campaigns, says PM
21 Jul 2024
Fahmi instructs MCMC chief to 'do something' after Facebook auto translation boo-boo
21 Jul 2024
Fahmi: Madani community plays key role in disseminating authentic information
21 Jul 2024
Madani govt's approach ensures inclusive policies, says Anwar
17 Jul 2024
Budi Madani system built 'inhouse' by civil servants, Dewan Rakyat told
15 Jul 2024
Unity govt in disarray, claims Muhyiddin at Bersatu convention
13 Jul 2024
RON95 petrol subsidy rationalisation must not burden the rakyat, says Dr Wee
11 Jul 2024
Anwar: Mufti Bill still under discussion, to be referred to Conference of Rulers next week
11 Jul 2024
RM86.3mil disbursed for Madani village adoption programme so far, says Amir Hamzah
11 Jul 2024
Corridor authorities to be streamlined to focus on realising investments, says Rafizi
10 Jul 2024
Budget 2025 to continue with economic reforms without sidelining the people, says Anwar
9 Jul 2024
Changes take time, Anwar calls Malaysians to be patient
8 Jul 2024
King, Queen attend national-level Maal Hijrah celebration in Putrajaya
7 Jul 2024
Anwar urges ministers to monitor conditions of village
6 Jul 2024
Sheikh Al-Azhar urges Muslims to be bolder in promoting Islamic morality, says PM
4 Jul 2024
JKDM serves as added value, no overlap with JPKK, JPKKP
4 Jul 2024
Asean consensus, neutrality crucial in light of China ties, says Anwar
3 Jul 2024
115,000 diesel vehicle owners approved for Budi Individu assistance
2 Jul 2024
Targeted diesel subsidy: Stern action on school bus operators who raise fares, warns PM
14 Jun 2024
Give cops time to probe high-profile cases thoroughly, says PM
14 Jun 2024
Govt not hiring S'poreans to teach English here, says PM
14 Jun 2024
RM200 monthly Budi Madani assistance enough for most Malaysians, says Finance Ministry
9 Jun 2024
Rafizi: Date of diesel subsidy rationalisation will be announced when "the sequencing is correct"
6 Jun 2024
Malaysia to lead with Madani principles as Asean chair 2025, says PM Anwar
6 Jun 2024
Sungai Bakap by-election: Govt considering committee to prevent fake news spreading
6 Jun 2024
Malaysia Madani National Training aims to equip youth for modern challenges, says PM
5 Jun 2024
National Day and Malaysia Day Celebration shows multi-racial united Malaysia, says Fahmi
5 Jun 2024
Importance of human rights aligns with concept of Malaysia Madani, says Anwar
5 Jun 2024
Time to embrace serious pension, retirement reforms, says Anwar
4 Jun 2024
Let police probe alleged assault of disabled e-hailing driver, says Fahmi
1 Jun 2024
Diesel subsidy: Choose SKDS 2.0 or Budi Madani, not both, Armizan tells applicants
30 May 2024
Anwar visits Post-Normal Era Madani Exhibition
26 May 2024
Govt won't introduce new taxes, aims for fairer subsidies, says PM
25 May 2024
Inaugural MADANI credit award to recognise leading players in credit industry, says Nga
24 May 2024
Community credit industry hits RM24.8bil in 2023, says Nga
24 May 2024
New TVET portal simplifies application process, says Ahmad Zahid
20 May 2024
Soldier suffers heart attack, dies during Bomba run
19 May 2024
Proposal of UNICEF minimum salary of RM2,102 being studies, says Rafizi
15 May 2024
PM urges Immigration to keep improving to ensure Malaysia's image stays good
6 May 2024
Enhance training related to AI, TVET, says Anwar
5 May 2024
Madani govt appreciates workers' contribution to national development, says PM
1 May 2024
Amend laws on sexual offences against children to stand up to AI, tech challenges
29 Apr 2024
PM attends Madani Muhibbah Aidilfitri open house
25 Apr 2024
Govt's reform agenda shows political will to help the people, says Anwar
21 Apr 2024
KKB by-election will be a referendum of Madani govt, says Muhyiddin
21 Apr 2024
Anwar signs autographs, meets with visitors at Madani Raya event in Sabah
20 Apr 2024
RM80mil immediate allocation for National Heart Centre in Sabah, says PM
20 Apr 2024
Unity govt committed to eradicate hardcore poverty in Sabah, says Anwar
20 Apr 2024
'Semarak Syawal Agro Madani' sale offers up to 30% discount at 753 locations
6 Apr 2024
Prices of chicken, cooking oil lower than before, says PM
1 Apr 2024
No draft documents related to allocations for MPs given to the opposition as claimed, says Fahmi
24 Mar 2024
PM calls on all leaders to solve problems in respective hometowns
21 Mar 2024
Don't win by 'shouting or screaming' against others, says Anwar
21 Mar 2024
Discipline, integrity without corruption will make Malaysia a great nation, says PM Anwar
21 Mar 2024
RM40mil grant enables students from humble homes get an education
19 Mar 2024
UUCA to be amended to further empower students, says Zambry
18 Mar 2024
Vacate seats of seven Bersatu 'turncoats', challenges Muhyidddin
9 Mar 2024
Muhyiddin dares govt to vacate seats of seven Bersatu 'turncoats'
9 Mar 2024
Only fair if all MPs get allocations, says Hadi
6 Mar 2024
Govt should focus on talent in all races to compete globally, says Ramanan
29 Feb 2024
Use technology to end "Ali Baba practices", proposes Johari
29 Feb 2024
Akademi Kenegaraan to lead Malaysia Madani training programme, says Anwar
28 Feb 2024
PM closes Madani Rakyat programme, says civil service remuneration scheme review soon
25 Feb 2024
Govt to introduce targeted urban agriculture programme, says PM
25 Feb 2024
PM: Naccol given until March 20 to fix padi, rice price issues
25 Feb 2024
Govt booths draw crowds at central zone Madani Rakyat programme
25 Feb 2024
PM: Govt to decide on Madani white rice issue on Feb 23 afternoon
23 Feb 2024
Early incentive payment will motivate civil servants to build Malaysia Madani, says Nga
20 Feb 2024
Govt's vision on sustainable humane economy needs collaborative efforts, says Anwar
20 Feb 2024
Banks urged to support energy transition, food security initiatives
19 Feb 2024
Find a solution to the rice issue, Dr Wee tells govt
17 Feb 2024
Madani sales help cushion impact of cost of living
16 Feb 2024
Madani Rakyat programme to be held in six states, says Fahmi
7 Feb 2024
Agro Madani, Rahmah Sales bazaars to be held more often, says Anwar
28 Jan 2024
More support for the PM means a stronger govt, says Zahid
24 Jan 2024
Anwar urges Indian community leaders to avoid extreme sentiments
21 Jan 2024
Anwar says “no-confidence vote” claims against him baseless, Opposition desperate
16 Jan 2024
No decisions on fixed term Parliament act yet, says PM
16 Jan 2024
Zahid: Umno open to any party that adheres to Madani philosophy
8 Jan 2024
Fahmi 'somewhat agrees' with suggestion to revamp J-Kom
3 Jan 2024
Notable moments throughout 2023: Part One #yearender2023 #TheStarRewind2023
30 Dec 2023
PM wants civil servants to continue excelling in 2024
11 Dec 2023
Don't get distracted by provocateurs, Anwar tells youths
10 Dec 2023
Govt remains intact despite Opposition's 'monthly' takeover attempts, says Anwar
10 Dec 2023
I do not work alone in managing the country, says Anwar
10 Dec 2023
Govt protects all communities amidst Islam's status as country's official religion, says PM
10 Dec 2023
States to reveal their performance 'report cards' in stages in 2024, says Anwar
10 Dec 2023
Over 37,000 traffic summonses settled at Madani Government programme
10 Dec 2023
Police and JPJ traffic summonses counters draw crowd at M’sia Madani first anniversary event
8 Dec 2023
Malaysians tell Madani Government to continue the good work
8 Dec 2023
Those unable to redeem eMadani would be able to appeal soon, says Ahmad Maslan
8 Dec 2023
Saifuddin: Visa liberalisation for tourists from China, India will not compromise security
4 Dec 2023
Saifuddin: Malaysia will study proposal for passport with 10-year validity
4 Dec 2023
PEDi managers, assistant managers to get extra RM500 in allowance beginning 2024
29 Nov 2023
Registration, claim for eMadani credit begins Dec 4, says Anwar
29 Nov 2023
Special committee members' appointment manifestation of govt's anti-corruption efforts, says PM
28 Nov 2023
Bukit Gantang MP is fifth Bersatu rep to declare support for Anwar
28 Nov 2023
PM Anwar coy on talk of a Cabinet reshuffle
24 Nov 2023
Unity govt to continue focusing on economic issues, increasing people's income – Fahmi
24 Nov 2023
Anwar: Unity govt to adopt firmer, faster pace in its second year administration
24 Nov 2023