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Macron, Le Pen head for French runoff election
11 Apr 2022
Canada's Trudeau wins another minority in election
21 Sep 2021
Trudeau in tight race with rival as Canadians vote
21 Sep 2021
Canada's Trudeau takes gamble, calls snap election
16 Aug 2021
Bank Negara relaxes forex policies
31 Mar 2021
Mourners pay respects to Ginsburg at U.S. Supreme Court
24 Sep 2020
Selangor’s fatwa on SIS temporarily suspended
23 Jan 2020
Andy is back in the jungle!
16 Nov 2019
Government won't bulldoze liberalization of KTMB, says Transport minister
21 Oct 2019
PetGas prepares itself for liberalised market
20 Sep 2019
Liberalism, Christian evangelism are a threat to Muslim community
25 Aug 2019
BNM liberalises FEA policy
16 Aug 2019
MACC files civil forfeiture against 41 individuals to recover RM270mil in 1MDB
21 Jun 2019
Australians divided over shock election result
20 May 2019
Australian ruling coalition hails 'miracle' election victory
19 May 2019
China won't be dictated to by an outsider, says Xi Jinping
19 Dec 2018
IDEAS: Positive signs for better governance in GLCs
23 Sep 2018
Dr Azmi: There are pushbacks against radical Islamist but I was denied appropriate forum
22 Sep 2018
Liberalism conference: Religiosity is not about faith but about control
22 Sep 2018
Abe set to be Japan's longest-serving Prime Minister
21 Sep 2018
Scott Morrison replaces Malcolm Turnbull as Australian PM after party vote
24 Aug 2018
Australian PM stubbornly clings to power, offers possible second leadership vote
23 Aug 2018
Malaysia mulls liberalising AP system to reduce sugar price
2 Aug 2018
DPM: Malaysia top global player for halal sector, Islamic finance
4 Apr 2018
Najib announces new measures to boost growth for Bursa Malaysia
6 Feb 2018
Japan's Abe re-elected prime minister after big election win
1 Nov 2017
Japan votes: Abenomics the winner?
22 Oct 2017
Rule-liberalisation for e-commerce
7 Mar 2017