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South Korea scrambles to contain new coronavirus outbreak
11 May 2020
Haters don't bother me, says Nisha Ayub
18 Oct 2019
PAS questions whether government recognises LGBT culture
17 Jul 2019
Same-sex marriage is now legal in Taiwan
17 May 2019
M'sia must not bow to international pressure on LGBT issues, says Anwar
15 May 2019
Brunei's sultan says gay death penalty will not be enforced after backlash
6 May 2019
Brunei a 'fair and happy nation', says Sultan despite criticism for Sharia laws
4 Apr 2019
Ismail Sabri: Jihad means struggle, not holy war
1 Apr 2019
Trans musician sings her story in conservative Malaysia
29 Mar 2019
Najib: Only ghosts, drunkards, LGBT and sex workers awake to enjoy toll-free period
26 Feb 2019
NGO condemns attack on same-sex couple
27 Dec 2018
Gay rights in Taiwan face setback in referendum
25 Nov 2018
Zahid blames LGBT for Palu quake-tsunami
23 Oct 2018
Treat everyone equally, we are all Malaysians
7 Oct 2018
Dr M: M'sia does not accept LGBT culture, same-sex marriage
21 Sep 2018
No need for special policies for LGBT community
13 Aug 2018
Fuziah explains Mujahid's statement on transgenders using public toilets
13 Aug 2018
No need for punitive action against doctor over LGBT statement, says UM dean
13 Aug 2018
Dr Mujahid: Stop discriminating transgenders, portrait removal issue 'over'
11 Aug 2018
Mujahid: I ordered removal of LGBT activists’ portraits from George Town Festival
8 Aug 2018
LGBT community accorded rights in Federal Constitution
6 Aug 2018
Govt open to LGBT community, not to homosexual activities
23 Jul 2018
Dr Mujahid: You can be LGBT, but keep it to yourself
17 Jul 2018
Syed Saddiq: No further comments on Numan’s resignation
9 Jul 2018
Aussies say 'yes' to same-sex marriage
15 Nov 2017
Zahid on LGBT in security forces: A line needs to be drawn
24 Oct 2017