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DJ Dave applauds Malaysians for helping fellow musician
26 Jun 2020
Guan Eng: Banks should allow more lending
17 May 2019
Banks not doing enough to grow the economy, says Guan Eng
17 May 2019
Do you know ... about Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending?
9 Apr 2019
Jordanian chocolate maker adds goat's milk to its treats
10 Jan 2018
Desperate search for loans ends in triple scam
19 Sep 2017
PIBG official fined RM350k for lending RM10k without permit
13 Sep 2017
A "Datuk" involved in illegal money lending nabbed along with 35 syndicate members
25 Aug 2017
Rehda: Money-lending interest rate under discussion
14 Sep 2016
Rehda president clarifies money-lending issue
14 Sep 2016
AFG to adjust lending rates
19 Jul 2016
Gamuda: No issue with property financing
6 Jun 2016
Khairussaleh: Prudent lending measures to be maintained
12 May 2016