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Fire at Kayu Madang landfill almost extinguished
29 Mar 2024
Firefighting foam deployed to battle KK landfill blaze
27 Mar 2024
Food waste reduces by 3% during Ramadan period, says ministry
17 Mar 2024
Firefighters still combating Kelantan landfill fire
26 Feb 2024
Spanish chef Daniel Sancho admits to killing surgeon, jailed in Thailand
7 Aug 2023
Sungai Lereh in Melaka affected by pollution, says assemblyman
20 Apr 2023
Johor floods: Almost 6,000 tonnes of debris cleared so far, says MP
26 Mar 2023
Videos of two poorly treated dogs go viral
1 Jul 2022
Nepal's capital chokes with garbage dumped in streets
10 Jun 2022
Pulau Burung landfill blaze finally put out after 20 days
2 Feb 2022
About 400 residents living near Penang’s Pulau Burung landfill to be evacuated
16 Jan 2022
Pulau Burung landfill peat fire brought under control after four days
15 Jan 2022
Nice from far, far from nice in Pulau Gazumbo
12 Nov 2021
KL folk urged to decrease food waste
1 Nov 2021
MCA: Malaysia isn’t a global landfill, should not accept waste from other countries
8 Apr 2021
Hong Kong's dead trees find new life as furniture
17 Mar 2021
The Korea Herald | Upcycling charts new course in fashion
16 Mar 2021
Giving back to Mother Nature
10 Dec 2020
Bandar Muadzam Shah landfill now off limits to public to stop scavengers
19 Feb 2020
Plastic waste a burning issue in Sungai Petani
21 Jan 2020
Landfill and fish farms too close for comfort
15 Sep 2019
Yeo: Govt targets 200 low carbon zones across country by 2030
23 Jul 2019
Living off scraps they can scavenge
14 May 2019
More waste dumping within 5km of Sg Kim Kim found
17 Mar 2019