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Dr M jokes that he is still 93
10 Jul 2019
PM jokes and laments at strict regulations by EC on campaigning
14 May 2019
Muhyiddin jokes that he’s too old for Johor MB post
11 Apr 2019
New government is more tolerant, says Guan Eng
28 Feb 2019
'This Is America' wins Song of the Year at 2019 Grammys
11 Feb 2019
From PM to joker, says S’gor MB on ‘Bossku’ Najib
8 Feb 2019
AJL co-host’s ‘Malu apa bossku’ joke thrills Najib
4 Feb 2019
Khalid Samad claims it is nothing personal between him and Najib
20 Jan 2019
Chong Wei: The court feels a lot bigger!
7 Jan 2019
Firefighters: We lost a gem in Adib
19 Dec 2018
Laugh out loud in Malaysia
24 Nov 2018
It's common for MPs to clash in Parliament, then joke over tea
16 Nov 2018
Empty seats could be due to Najib 'fatigue', quips Muhyiddin
24 Oct 2018
Billion Dollar Whale movie? I can act in it, quips Amar Singh
28 Sep 2018
World population would be out of control without M'sian rubber, jokes Dr M
4 Sep 2018
Nga Kor Ming takes off his Deputy Speaker robe and jokes about Wee Ka Siong
26 Jul 2018
'Yang berhormat, sila duduk, jangan lari’, quips King
17 Jul 2018
Aunty Aini: Anthony Bourdain was humble, encouraging and a joker
11 Jun 2018
"Those who are 90, better not drive!" Dr M jokes in Raya road safety video
9 Jun 2018
Anwar explains private jet and jokes about role reversal
26 May 2018
German man arrested over bomb joke at Thai airport
23 Apr 2018
Prince Harry jokes with Barack Obama ahead of radio interview
18 Dec 2017
Pewter Goes Dark with the Batman Collection
3 Nov 2017
High school practical joke
6 Sep 2017
Zahid: Don't joke about hajj pilgrimage
27 Aug 2017
Thai authorities going after foreign practical joker
18 Jul 2017