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Cave rescue: Four rescued 300 meters from cave entrance in south China
30 Jan 2023
Mexican coach enjoys Chinese Lunar New Year in south China
22 Jan 2023
A tug-of-war-like traditional ethnic sport in China's Guangxi
11 Sep 2022
Malaysian twins experience intangible cultural heritage in China
31 Aug 2022
Rare mineral formation discovered in south China
11 Jul 2022
Fire engine gets swept away amid floods in southern China
20 Jun 2022
Rare dolphins play off south China coast
14 Jun 2022
Chinese scientists make breakthroughs in captive breeding of Malayan pangolins
7 May 2022
Secrets to shiny long hair in Chinese village revealed
1 May 2022
Culinary competition in Nanning promotes China-ASEAN exchanges
1 May 2022
New Chinese gas generator unit turns trash into treasure
6 Apr 2022
Asean diplomats try China's e-commerce livestream to promote their products
2 Apr 2022
All 132 people on board China's crashed plane dead
27 Mar 2022
Flight MU5735 crash: Rescue operation enters 5th day
25 Mar 2022
One of the black boxes of MU5735 found
24 Mar 2022
Experts investigate plane crash site as rain hinders rescue work
23 Mar 2022
No survivors have been found so far in China plane crash, says official
23 Mar 2022
Rescuers search through debris of China Eastern crash
22 Mar 2022
Rescuers assembled to plane crash site in south China
21 Mar 2022
China's national political adviser's concern over river protection
10 Mar 2022
Chinese lawmaker of Jing ethnic group helps revive local fishing industry
3 Mar 2022
Shaming of Covid-19 rule breakers sparks backlash in China but reports say it helps deter crimes
29 Dec 2021
Power guards of border town
17 Nov 2021
Nanning police clear road traffic for emergency rescue
10 Nov 2021
China students share fun experiences of learning Malay
26 Sep 2021
China-Asean Expo concludes with record deals
15 Sep 2021
China-ASEAN Expo to further boost international cooperation
31 Aug 2021
Yao ethnic group celebrates annual ‘drying clothes festival
17 Jul 2021
Chinese farmer's oil paintings capture beauty of rural life
14 Jul 2021
Gamelan boosts closer China-Indonesia cultural communication
27 Jun 2021
Story of luosifen rice noodle during Chinese President’s tour
29 Apr 2021
Pearls from the South China Sea shine again
11 Apr 2021
China's Guangxi offers free train rides for migrant workers
2 Mar 2021
365 days of a cross-border engine driver
8 Feb 2021
Longji Rice Terrace in Autumn
1 Nov 2020
China-Malaysia (Guangxi) durian festival sees record sales of Musang King
5 Oct 2020
Rice painting
28 Aug 2020
Driver stuck in a flooded road in China rescued by firefighters
27 Jun 2020
Dad, stop beating me' viral video happened in China, not Malaysia
27 Jul 2018
MCA president cooks up CNY dish
19 Jan 2018