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Google delays mandatory return to office indefinitely
3 Dec 2021
Trump sues tech giants, claiming censorship
8 Jul 2021
Google Maps API is the reason for vaccination appointments far from home, says Khairy
31 May 2021
Australia to charge Facebook, Google for content
8 Dec 2020
US sues Google, says breakup may be needed
21 Oct 2020
US judge blocks Trump's TikTok app store ban
28 Sep 2020
PM: M'sia can be regional IT hub but needs more connectivity infrastructure
15 Aug 2020
Google co-founders step aside; Pichai to helm Alphabet
4 Dec 2019
Orang Asli using mapping tools to probe claim to ancestral land
8 Aug 2019
Yeo: Sustainable solutions needed to power up communities
8 Aug 2019
Australia tighten rules for Facebook and Google
26 Jul 2019
Govt launches sexual awareness videos aimed at teaching children about safe, unsafe touches
24 Jun 2019
Beijing accuses Washington of defamation over Huawei ban
21 May 2019
Google suspends business with Huawei
20 May 2019
Talk to The Star
29 Apr 2019
KL Mayor: Our survey shows 60% support Jalan TAR road closure
14 Feb 2019
Rafidah: You cannot 'click' a cure for an ailing economy
14 Feb 2019
Google plans censored version of search engine in China: sources
2 Aug 2018
Enforcement officer Google searched which provision of law to arrest Siti Kasim
30 May 2018
DPM: Google, Facebook tax proposal to be discussed by Cabinet
13 Mar 2018
Google teams up with China's Tencent
20 Jan 2018
Error-ridden notice: Perak MB advises against using Google Translate
3 Jan 2018
Italian grandma hilariously learns how to use Google Home device
29 Dec 2017
Google doodle honours Pad Thai
8 Nov 2017