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China's fastest cross-sea railway features high tech, intelligence
29 Sep 2023
A burning passion: Firefighting competition heats up in China's Fujian
3 Sep 2023
Over 880,000 residents of Fujian affected by Typhoon Doksuri
30 Jul 2023
Rescue efforts underway in east China after typhoon Doksuri
29 Jul 2023
Typhoon Doksuri batters China’s Fujian province
28 Jul 2023
Typhoon hits China after ferry capsizes off Manila
28 Jul 2023
Typhoon Talim makes second landfall in mainland China, flooding many areas
19 Jul 2023
China's Xiamen Port sees export of over 1,800 NEVs to Europe
10 Jul 2023
Explore a coastal culinary paradise in east China
4 Jul 2023
Dragon boat-making tradition passed on in China's village
24 Jun 2023
Overseas returnee runs homestay in Chinese fishing village
2 Jun 2023
Cross-Strait Chinese New Year celebration event held in Fuzhou
5 Feb 2023
Mouthwatering Shaxian delicacies draw visitors at festival
10 Dec 2022
Discovering China's first sea-crossing high-speed railway
4 Sep 2022
Main bridge project of China's first sea-crossing high-speed railway now connected
26 Jul 2022
Chinese court orders return of stolen Buddha statue from Dutch collector
19 Jul 2022
Taiwanese youths promote rural culture in Xiamen
14 Jul 2022
China continues to breach the 3,000 mark in symptomatic Covid-19 cases
17 Apr 2022
Carrots harvest season in Fujian, China
28 Mar 2022
China reports first two Covid-19 deaths in more than a year
19 Mar 2022
Manufacturers beef up production of Olympic panda mascot Bing Dwen Dwen
11 Feb 2022
Chinese welcome Spring Festival with traditional activities
23 Jan 2022
Amazing 3D ground paintings in rural China
11 Jan 2022
Dinosaur embryo study supports ancestral link to birds
26 Dec 2021
How Fujian fights latest resurgence of Covid-19
15 Sep 2021
Light show illuminates night sky of Fuzhou to mark World Heritage Committee session
16 Jul 2021
Chidingyu Lighthouse in east China's Fujian put into use
20 Jun 2021
Fathers work as air conditioner cleaners to support leukemia-stricken children
17 Apr 2021
‘Dinosaur dance floor’ discovered in east China's Fujian
14 Apr 2021
Fujian: The starting point of Maritime Silk Road
2 Apr 2021
Take a sip of China's Fujian tea
25 Mar 2021
Viviana's Spring Festival with her Chinese family
13 Feb 2021
Takeaway and semi-cooked food for CNY reunion dinner in China
10 Feb 2021
China Daily | Taste Buds: Fuzhou noodles
7 Feb 2021
A special malt sugar to mark the kitchen god's day
4 Feb 2021
Large number of dinosaur footprints discovered in east China
13 Jan 2021
Golden ginkgo forest in Fujian, east China
19 Dec 2020
World's longest cross-sea road-rail bridge
27 Aug 2020
Typhoon Mekkhala makes landfall in China's Fujian
11 Aug 2020
Ten die and 23 still trapped in collapsed China hotel
8 Mar 2020
Young child rescued after hotel collapse in east China
8 Mar 2020
China hotel collapses, dozens trapped
7 Mar 2020
Tales of recovery of two babies from Covid-19 in China
19 Feb 2020
Taste Buds: Fuzhou’s fish ball
20 Jul 2019
Taste Buds: Shunchang’s sticky rice dumpling
30 Jun 2019
Taste Buds: Shunchang’s stuffed poached egg
20 May 2019
Taste Buds: Shunchang's bamboo shoots
19 May 2019
Fantastic Art: Ancient ship models
10 Mar 2019
Early Chinese New Year celebration in the Hakka style
12 Jan 2019
Malaysia-China exchange programme ends on a high note
8 Nov 2018
Valuable experiences for Malaysian youths in China exchange programme
29 Oct 2018
Malaysia welcomes investors in open tender manner
27 Oct 2018
Wangkang in Melaka
2 Mar 2018
Bite into sweeter Mandarin oranges this year
12 Jan 2018