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Woman crushed to death in freak accident at Penang condo
3 Dec 2020
SJKC Malim gets emergency allocation for repairs
11 Aug 2020
Freak storm lashes Melaka, causing property damage, injuries
11 Aug 2020
Woman killed by falling tree in front of UM
23 Oct 2019
10 houses damaged after landspout strikes village in Kubang Pasu
20 Oct 2019
Man killed, son rushed to hospital after lightning strike
18 Oct 2019
Tanjung Bungah residents urge authorities to step up after landslide
26 Jun 2019
All four bodies recovered from Tg Bungah landslide tragedy
26 Jun 2019
Freak storm overturns container housing, falls trees in Penang
6 May 2019
‘Amazing Spring’ cast injured and show resilience after freak fire
18 Sep 2018
Warisan division chief killed in freak accident
8 May 2018
Ohio teen crushed to death by folding van seat
13 Apr 2018
Thunderstorm and ‘ice pellets’ hit Ipoh Garden
19 Mar 2018
Roof blown away at Kelana Jaya LRT station
3 Mar 2018
Girl killed in freak accident involving ride-on lawn mower
13 Feb 2018
Shotgun victim's grandfather, 15-year-old uncle remanded
14 Dec 2017
World freaks out after WhatsApp goes down
3 Nov 2017
Bangkok residents freaks out over "slanted" building
18 Aug 2017