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No issue if I don’t lead Amanah anymore, says Mat Sabu
15 Dec 2023
PM: UN’s vision on democracy and justice utterly shattered to pieces
22 Sep 2023
Focus on Pan-Asia: Electric vehicles in Vietnam
22 Sep 2023
Malaysians celebrate 74th anniversary of founding of People’s Republic of China
20 Sep 2023
First meeting of Unity Govt secretariat for founding parties, others to be invited later, says Anwar
9 Feb 2023
Flag-raising ceremonies held across China to mark National Day
1 Oct 2022
James Masing laid to rest after state funeral
3 Nov 2021
China Daily | HK celebrates National Day
3 Oct 2021
China’s July 1 Medal recipient honoured for rendering volunteer services at grassroots
6 Jul 2021
Xi says Chinese people will never allow foreign bullying, oppressing, or subjugating
1 Jul 2021
Great Wall light show marks CPC's 100th anniversary in Beijing
23 Jun 2021
Visit to central China school where Chairman Mao studied and taught in his youth
4 Apr 2021
MCA launches website dedicated to founding president Tun Sir Tan Cheng Lock
27 Feb 2021
North Korean leader chokes up during speech amid outpouring of emotion from audience
13 Oct 2020
Rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen dies at 65
7 Oct 2020
China will work with Malaysia on Covid-19 vaccine development - ambassador
1 Oct 2020
China's Xi commemorates heroes for Martyrs’ Day
30 Sep 2020
Penang’s Francis Light statue vandalised with red paint
2 Jul 2020
15 military units march in China's largest National Day parade
1 Oct 2019
Scuffles in Hong Kong as China's birthday celebrations begin
1 Oct 2019
Hong Kong on edge ahead of China's National Day
30 Sep 2019
Umno celebrates low-key 73rd birthday
11 May 2019
TAR UC continues to stand tall in academia
17 Mar 2019
Bersatu founding member defends action taken by RoS to suspend PPBM
11 Apr 2018
Refashioned stadium rekindles spirit
24 Mar 2018
Turning 60 together with country
31 Aug 2017
Descendants of nation’s founding fathers leave mark on patriotic mural
28 Aug 2017