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China issues white paper on marine eco-environmental protection
11 Jul 2024
RON95 petrol subsidy rationalisation must not burden the rakyat, says Dr Wee
11 Jul 2024
Nadi helps train over 3,850 entrepreneurs in Sarawak so far, says Fahmi
10 Jul 2024
Sim vows swift action on any culprits uncovered by MACC probe, third-party audit
10 Jul 2024
RM950mil allocated under 12MP to reduce flood risk, says Fadillah
9 Jul 2024
Over 667 users have installed solar systems, received SolaRIS rebates since April 1
9 Jul 2024
Public are the eyes and ears of the police, says Saifuddin
6 Jul 2024
Too early to call HRD Corp another 1MDB, says Fahmi
5 Jul 2024
Petra to address delays in water infrastructure projects, says Fadillah Yusof
4 Jul 2024
Cost of living index to include more categories, says PM Anwar
2 Jul 2024
Health Ministry yet to receive further information on STSS cases in Japan, says Dr Dzul
30 Jun 2024
Federal govt allocates RM69.18mil to help Kelantan reduce NRW rate
26 Jun 2024
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Bill passed, with amendment
25 Jun 2024
China's new energy industry fuels Malaysia's green transformation
16 Jun 2024
Zayn Rayyan case: Two police reports on leaked information; guardians sought for younger brother
15 Jun 2024
Bukit Aman to investigate Edisi Siasat's leak of Zayn Rayyan murder case report
14 Jun 2024
As good neighbours, Malaysia and Singapore must resolve water supply issues, says Anwar
12 Jun 2024
Media freedom crucial but no room for racists and bigots, says Anwar
27 May 2024
Chegubard files appeal against gag order
27 May 2024
Father taking baby to hospital by motorcycle catches Anwar's attention
21 May 2024
New TVET portal simplifies application process, says Ahmad Zahid
20 May 2024
Govt launches ‘1 Rumah, 1 Jalur Gemilang’ initiative
19 May 2024
Rio's transport exhibits take center stage at national museum's 100th anniversary
18 May 2024
Dr Zaliha suggests setting up special taskforce in DBKL to address uprooted trees issue
16 May 2024
PM Anwar says no to second casino in Malaysia
14 May 2024
Court issues gag order on Chegubard over criminal defamation case
14 May 2024
Crowds throng EPF as Account 3 kicks in
14 May 2024
FOA officer charged with submitting false claims, gratification
14 May 2024
IPT students can access ministries, agencies' research info in two weeks - PM
10 May 2024
Socso to hold roadshows on SKSSR contribution
3 May 2024
Microsoft to invest US$2.2bil in cloud and AI services in Malaysia
2 May 2024
Police looking for three suspects who splashed red paint at a nasi kandar restaurant
30 Apr 2024
Chegu Bard pleads not guilty to making seditious remarks
30 Apr 2024
Chegubard to be charged over FB post on casino in Forest City
29 Apr 2024
Chegubard claims trial to two charges of defamation, sedition
29 Apr 2024
KKB by-election: MCA staying out won't affect unity govt's machinery, says Fahmi
25 Apr 2024
Copter tragedy: Formation flying SOP may be reviewed pending crash investigation, says minister
25 Apr 2024
KKB by-election: Govt still mum on who's their candidate
24 Apr 2024
ASIAWATER 2024 set to chart course for water resilience
23 Apr 2024
193 companies awarded Malaysia Digital Status in Q1 2024, says Gobind Singh
22 Apr 2024
EPF revamp: Members below 55 will have three accounts
17 Apr 2024
Beijing among world's "super champions" on Smart City Index, says Swiss expert
16 Apr 2024
FRIM: The Forest That Sprang From Nothing
13 Apr 2024
Man claims trial to giving false info to police
5 Apr 2024
Racial and religious must not be allowed to fester in Sabah, says Joniston
4 Apr 2024
Selangor's Selangkah inks MoU to share data with Padu
3 Apr 2024
Cops confirm real identity of deceased victim in Bentong bus accident
31 Mar 2024
KKM aims to implement digital transformation of healthcare within four to five years
26 Mar 2024
Too much personal info needed for Padu registration, says Sarawak minister
22 Mar 2024
All-party group urges government to commit to institutional reforms
21 Mar 2024
Mitra roadmap workshop to focus on high-impact programmes for Indian community
20 Mar 2024
We can do better, PM says of those playing up sensitive issues during Ramadan
18 Mar 2024
Xinjiang's Pamir Plateau welcomes spring transformation
17 Mar 2024
Batu MP is Mitra chairman, but Unity Ministry will steer direction, says Ramanan
12 Mar 2024
Govt aims to export renewable energy once supply is stable, says Akmal Nasrullah
12 Mar 2024
Over 28,000 Indian entrepreneurs have benefitted from SPUMI, says Ramanan
12 Mar 2024
Road fatality statistics to be released daily, says Loke
6 Mar 2024
New validity period for media cards not in force yet, says Fahmi
6 Mar 2024
Ministry seeking RM100mil more to solve Sabah's water woes
6 Mar 2024
Pakistan's Shehbaz Sharif takes oath as prime minister
4 Mar 2024
Padu’s data requirements too personal to be shared, says Putrajaya MP
4 Mar 2024
Ageing society has long term implication on fiscal position, says EPF CEO
3 Mar 2024
Bumiputra urged to join workforce of transitioning into green energy
1 Mar 2024
Zayn Rayyan murder probe: No takers for RM20,000 reward yet, says Selangor top cop
23 Feb 2024
New media ethics code won't curb media freedom, says Fahmi
22 Feb 2024
Govt plans to create system for complaints on unauthorised use of news content, says Fahmi
22 Feb 2024
Govt to use data from depts, agencies due to low registration in Padu, says Fahmi
22 Feb 2024
Govt committed to safeguard welfare of media practitioners, stringers, says Fahmi
20 Feb 2024
Information Dept authorised to revoke media cards, says Fahmi
20 Feb 2024
Education key to developing Special Economic Zone in Johor, says Dr Wee Ka Siong
18 Feb 2024
Woman's left hand artery severed in attempted robbery
15 Feb 2024
‘Force of the Future’ among strategic considerations to boost security, says Khaled Nordin
13 Feb 2024
Cops arrest suspect in Jelutong homestay hidden camera case
11 Feb 2024
Drones in dragon formation welcomes the Year of the Dragon
10 Feb 2024
Zahid: Only 33% of KKWD staff register for PADU due to fear of data privacy
8 Feb 2024
S'gor MCPF offers RM20,000 reward for info leading to the arrest of Zayn Rayyan's murderer
6 Feb 2024
Immigration nabs five foreigners for illegally collecting donations at Gelang Patah night market
31 Jan 2024
Dr Dzul: Digital health transformation ensures each individual has only one record
26 Jan 2024
Govt committed to transparent medicine pricing, says Dr Dzul
26 Jan 2024
Japanese firms opting out won't affect HSR project, says Loke
13 Jan 2024
'Campaign of misperception' being spread, says Daim's wife Naimah Khalid
10 Jan 2024
Motive behind Zayn Rayyan's murder still unknown, says IGP
9 Jan 2024
Economy Ministry swiftly fixes security loophole in Padu, thanks user for highlighting issue
3 Jan 2024
Suspend Padu until flaws resolved, says ex-deputy minister
3 Jan 2024
MACC: Investigation on Daim Zainuddin based on law, Pandora Papers information
30 Dec 2023
Not compulsory to update info on Padu, says Rafizi
29 Dec 2023
Wedding package scam: Cops to get more info from Companies Commission of Malaysia
26 Dec 2023
Those spreading fake message on diesel subsidy withdrawal identified, says Fahmi
13 Dec 2023
Dr Dzul keen to implement digital health transformation plan
13 Dec 2023
Cabinet reshuffle: Need for dedicated ministry to look into digital transformation, says PM
12 Dec 2023
Family affair for students searching for information at Star Education Fair
9 Dec 2023
Zayn Rayyan murder: Police urge public to come forward with information
8 Dec 2023
DPM: Verify online offers to avoid becoming job scam victims
7 Dec 2023
Ex-IT employee found guilty over Syed Muhammad Danial's death in road rage case
5 Dec 2023
Polytechnics are central to realising TVET's transformation in 2023-2024
4 Dec 2023
Cops tracking person who stabbed hawker in Ipoh
3 Dec 2023
JaPen to assist MIMOS clarify about National Digital Identity, says Fahmi
3 Dec 2023
PM Anwar first person to have digital ID in Malaysia, says concerns with implementation unfounded
1 Dec 2023