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France's Macron to meet Putin in Moscow over Ukraine
7 Feb 2022
China's space station flies past Egypt's Bent Pyramid
28 Nov 2021
Rat droppings, flies infest 'foo chuk' factory
27 Oct 2021
Japan's air force team flies over Tokyo Olympic Stadium
23 Jul 2021
Glowing fireflies in SW China
28 May 2021
Fireflies in East China
11 May 2021
Dead kitten, flies greet health inspectors at illegal foo chuk factory
18 Feb 2021
The dance of 100 million butterflies in China
16 Jun 2020
Bomba flies in food aid to fire victims in Long Selaan, Sarawak
11 Jun 2020
Mural of Amelia Earhart in Taiping 'flies' into Malaysia Book of Records
27 Dec 2019
Butterflies go free at the Science Centre
4 Apr 2019
Millions of butterflies a pleansant sight for locals in southern Thailand
26 Apr 2018
Houseflies ruin plans for Deepavali preparations
6 Oct 2017
Butterflies swarm Phitsanulok village
21 Mar 2017
Cambodian butterflies help villagers make a living
9 Mar 2016