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Vietnam News | Landslide in Vietnam's Quang Nam province caught on camera
13 Nov 2020
Umany ex-president pleads not guilty to disobeying police order
13 Nov 2020
Moment massive blast shakes Beirut
5 Aug 2020
Opposition MPs raise concern over Finas licence for content creators
23 Jul 2020
All filming, even on social media, requires licence, says Saifuddin
23 Jul 2020
Movie, TV productions may resume from June 10, says Senior Minister
2 Jun 2020
Govt permits filming activities after Hari Raya
20 May 2020
Govt to consider allowing filming activities to resume
15 May 2020
Queen shares “mother-daughter” moment with Princess Anne while greeting Trump
5 Dec 2019
K-pop singer sentenced to six years in jail for rape, sharing secret sex videos
29 Nov 2019
Model-actor Godfrey Gao dies after collapsing while filming in China
27 Nov 2019
Namewee begins filming ‘Nasi Lemak 1.0’
26 Jun 2019
K-pop singer admits to filming sex videos
21 Mar 2019
‘Amazing Spring’ cast injured and show resilience after freak fire
18 Sep 2018
MCA president cooks up CNY dish
19 Jan 2018
Myanmar jails Malaysian and Singaporean journalists for flying drone
10 Nov 2017
Up-close with The Battleship Island oppas
10 Aug 2017