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Artist once again shows love for Malaysia
23 Aug 2019
Xavier: Govt mulls amending laws to charge those trespassing permanent forest reserves
23 Aug 2019
The merbau is now Malaysia’s national tree
23 Aug 2019
PM: Unfair to link palm oil to deforestation
23 Aug 2019
More international art exhibitions proposed for the National Art Gallery
14 Aug 2019
Royal artifacts, collections on display at Royal Museum
5 Aug 2019
King again stops motorcade to check on accident victim
5 Aug 2019
Government is working towards better healthcare financing system, says Dzulkefly
29 Jul 2019
PM on Haziq sex video: It’s a political scheme
17 Jul 2019
Correction: Thor is Dr M’s fave MCU character, not Thanos
28 Jun 2019
Marvel Studios heroes exhibition now in Malaysia
28 Jun 2019
Positive outlook for O&G sector with expected crude oil price rebound
18 Jun 2019
Humanoid prepares for her first solo art exhibition
7 Jun 2019
Meet Supa Heroes at Star Supa Comic 2019
21 May 2019
M'sian and Chinese calligraphers hold joint exhibition
12 May 2019
Include history of Chinese art in courses, varsities urged
12 May 2019
Doraemon for Visit M'sia 2020 just a suggestion, BTS not part of our plan, says Tourism Minister
24 Apr 2019
Leonardo was ambidextrous
9 Apr 2019
Dr M: So much money spent on how to kill people
4 Apr 2019
Hisham not impressed with Lima '19
2 Apr 2019
Successful Lima ‘19
30 Mar 2019
Mahathir impressed with Lima 2019
28 Mar 2019
Malaysia’s flying car prototype unveiled at Lima
27 Mar 2019
Nostalgic moment as Dr Mahathir opens Lima 2019
26 Mar 2019
Star Health Expo 2019 kicks off in Penang
15 Mar 2019
Join and support local artists at ArtEDecor 2019
7 Mar 2019
Rare Lives: Using art to raise funds for LSD patients
4 Mar 2019
Sports ministry to meet up with stakeholders to decide on Le Tour de Langkawi dates
10 Feb 2019
CM visits Star Penang for early CNY celebration
24 Jan 2019
Cosplayful fun at Star Supa Comic
30 Dec 2018
Todak Gaming Community to hold Msia’s first E-sports, Music and Gourmet festival
20 Dec 2018
Actress and dad paint true picture of country with 59 artworks
11 Nov 2018
More seasoned politicians will join Bersatu in stages, says Rais
11 Nov 2018
Optimistic outlook for oil and gas industry
1 Oct 2018
Draw wisdom from expo to promote China-M’sia ties
28 Sep 2018
Artist Marina Abramovic attacked at exhibition in Florence
24 Sep 2018
Petrosains Science Festival returns
14 Sep 2018
LIMA opening doors to commercial exhibitors in 2019
4 Sep 2018
Dr M: This government believes in Malaysia Incorporated
4 Sep 2018
World population would be out of control without M'sian rubber, jokes Dr M
4 Sep 2018
Find your favourite Cabinet ministers in Lego brick mural
1 Sep 2018
Dr Mahathir to Revive Cyberjaya and Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC)
27 Aug 2018
PM: 'Proper assessment' needed before termination of BR1M
27 Aug 2018
PM: A Finance Minister should know the movement of GST refund money
27 Aug 2018
Gov't mulling soda tax to encourage healthy living
27 Aug 2018
Malaysia on track to hit 33.1 million tourist arrivals mark
25 Aug 2018
Tun Mahathir visits Tun M: A Forever Legacy art exhibition
12 Aug 2018
Dr M: Show us where the RM18bil is
12 Aug 2018
Hisham: Military action insufficient in war against radicalism
17 Apr 2018
Najib: Malaysia ready to help regional security
16 Apr 2018
Prisons dept looking into more non-lethal weapons
16 Apr 2018
Defence Services Asia expo kicks off
16 Apr 2018
Thousands expected for DSA and National Security Asia exhibition
15 Apr 2018
Traditional drums display in northeastern Thailand draw crowd
8 Feb 2018
Much-awaited contest of straw figures imminent
8 Feb 2018
Straw figures festival new attraction in northern Thailand
15 Jan 2018
‘The Third Act’ of a self-taught artist
13 Jan 2018
'Invisible' modern slavery
6 Jan 2018
Floral exhibition opens in northearn Thailand
4 Jan 2018
Asean Scoop: Royal photographs' exhibition ends on Jan 7
15 Dec 2017
History comes alive with animated classic Chinese scroll painting
5 Dec 2017
History comes alive with animated classic Chinese scroll painting
4 Dec 2017
Free unique interactive display launched by Mah Sing
26 Nov 2017
Health check under one roof at Star FitForLife Penang 2017
18 Nov 2017
Unleash your inner child at the Arts and Lights exhibition
17 Nov 2017
Expo Negaraku 2017 launched
16 Nov 2017
Bangkok to host Harry Potter exhibition during the Christmas season
15 Nov 2017
'Prince' exhibition comes to London
27 Oct 2017
Several people injured in car incident near London museum
8 Oct 2017
Exhibition on evolution of American Tiki
7 Oct 2017
10 Economic Strategic Directions Conference & Exhibition 2017
7 Oct 2017
Perfect Livin '17 exhibition kicks off
28 Sep 2017
Discover the journey to Merdeka at Carcosa Seri Negara
4 Sep 2017
Audrey Hepburn collection on show in Hong Kong ahead of auction
2 Sep 2017
Tuanku Muhriz launches Jalan Merdeka exhibition
1 Sep 2017
Carcosa Seri Negara gets a makeover for special Merdeka exhibition
23 Aug 2017
Popular health spa promotes its herbal products
18 Aug 2017
Museum showcases exhibition on Malaysia’s sporting history
17 Aug 2017