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New Zealand PM Ardern says she will step down next month
19 Jan 2023
Semeru volcano erupts on Java island in Indonesia, villagers evacuated
4 Dec 2022
Mud volcano in Tabin not precursor to bigger quake, says geologist
19 Sep 2022
Tonga eruption could offer clues on planet formation
25 Jan 2022
Tsunami observed in Samoa as Tonga volcano erupts
16 Jan 2022
At least 13 dead after deadly Indonesian volcano eruption
5 Dec 2021
Thousands evacuate after Ili Lewotolok eruption
2 Dec 2020
Philippine residents retrieve animals, belongings amid threat of volcano eruption
17 Jan 2020
Thousands evacuate as Philippine volcano rumbles, flights suspended
12 Jan 2020
NZ police end search for two missing in eruption
24 Dec 2019
Volcano probe could take a year, says New Zealand PM
16 Dec 2019
Skin donations begin for New Zealand volcano victims
12 Dec 2019
NZ opens probe into deadly volcano eruption
10 Dec 2019
At least one Malaysian killed in NZ volcano eruption
10 Dec 2019
At least five dead, several missing after New Zealand volcano eruption
9 Dec 2019
One killed, several injured in New Zealand volcano eruption
9 Dec 2019
Indonesian coastline devastated as death toll from tsunami tops 400
26 Dec 2018
Anak Krakatau continues to erupt as tsunami death toll hits 281
24 Dec 2018
Guatemalan authorities warn of more volcanic activity
6 Jun 2018
Over 60 dead in Guatemala volcano eruption
5 Jun 2018
Dozens dead after Guatemala volcano erupts
4 Jun 2018
Hawaii evacuations continue as volcano erupts
7 May 2018
Travellers stranded as airlines limit Bali flights to guard against volcanic ash
1 Dec 2017
Bali volcano alert raised to highest level
27 Nov 2017