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Najib files bid to obtain 1MDB-linked audio recordings, says ‘crucial’ for defence
17 Jan 2020
Dr Dzulkifli Abdul Razak: The Link Between SDGs and Humanitarian Action
5 Aug 2019
Ex-MACC chief quizzed over 'tampering' of 1MDB final report
5 Dec 2018
1MDB probe: Shukri labels ex-MACC chief Dzulkifli a traitor
22 May 2018
Ex-MACC chief Dzulkifli Ahmad checks in at AGC
15 May 2018
Changes to top brass in govt agencies amid probe
14 May 2018
Tun Mahathir: MACC’s chief resignation is his own choice
14 May 2018
MACC chief: BN candidates have been vetted
9 Apr 2018
Government must investigate MACC chief, says former Batu Berendam MP
8 Feb 2018
Village heads take corruption-free pledge
6 Jan 2018
IGP: Police wrapping up investigation on MACC chief
3 Dec 2017
MACC: Probe into illegal sand mining not political
2 Dec 2017
IGP talks about Tun M, MACC chief, Mahmud (full PC)
12 Nov 2017
MACC chief on viral video: It's a slur to discredit me
18 Oct 2017
MACC seizes another RM29mil in ministry theft probe
5 Oct 2017
MACC: Stop speculating on probe of missing funds
30 Sep 2017
MACC seeks A-G's approval to file defamation suit against Guan Eng
14 Sep 2017
Cash rewards to workers not graft, says MACC
13 Sep 2017
Dzulkifli Ahmad: No word yet from AGC on Lim Guan Eng
12 Sep 2017
MACC to wrap up probe on Isa Samad soon, says Dzulkifli Ahmad
12 Sep 2017
People on the street say yes to hike in police salary
6 Sep 2017
MACC to investigate claims by Gatco settlers
27 Aug 2017
MACC raids Isa Samad's office at SPAD
17 Aug 2017
MACC chief 'speechless' over Selangor government's refusal to sign pledge
17 Aug 2017