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Religious scholars must preach moderation to do away with extremism, says Ahmad Zahid
8 May 2024
Dr M was PM for 22 years but still makes such remarks, says National Unity Minister
16 Jan 2024
Use social media to share message of goodwill, says Mohd Na’im
28 Sep 2023
Asean must guard against divisive actions by major powers, says Anwar
5 Sep 2023
Andrew Tate: Romanian prosecutors have no evidence against me
26 Jan 2023
US$4mil in cars, cash seized from Andrew Tate
16 Jan 2023
Japan gives former PM Shinzo Abe a final send-off
27 Sep 2022
On invasion milestone, Ukraine urges solidarity as Western leaders gather
24 Mar 2022
Jury convicts three white men of murdering black man as he jogged
25 Nov 2021
Michelle Obama's speech 'very divisive': Trump
19 Aug 2020
Anwar says he may have been misunderstood on calling for Azmin’s resignation
18 Jul 2019
Child marriage ban is a divisive issue, says Jeli MP
26 Jul 2018