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Authorities allegedly cracking down on shrines in Alor Setar
9 May 2019
Trouble with translation made Japanese invaders into heroes
25 Mar 2019
Government considering building bungalows, recreational park on Highland Towers land
19 Mar 2019
KL Puspakom and JPJ centres to be redeveloped for over RM100mil
14 Dec 2018
T’ganu govt slammed for demolishing 118-year-old kampung house
22 Nov 2018
Orang asli’s blockade near Pos Tohoi sawed again
4 Aug 2018
Legendary sports club that used to nurture KL footballers risks development
31 May 2018
Tg Sepat restaurant operators still waiting for alternative site confirmation
31 Oct 2017
Nine arrested in demolition protest
4 Oct 2017
Penang won't demolish pre-2008 illegal structures
16 Aug 2017
Saving Khon Kaen's 100-year-old train station
10 May 2017