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Floods: Villagers living in Telemong hope government can give them new homes
30 Dec 2021
Simpang Pulai landslide: Second body from MPV vehicle retrieved from debris
2 Dec 2021
Ida storm survivor: I've got nothing left
31 Aug 2021
Two hurt, one trapped after scaffolding at LRT3 construction site collapses
29 Jul 2021
China says rocket debris landed in Indian Ocean
10 May 2021
Chinese rocket debris set for re-entry by early Sunday, expert predicts limited damage
9 May 2021
China says its rocket debris unlikely to cause any harm
8 May 2021
Indonesia finds missing submarine parts, little hope for survivors
24 Apr 2021
United Airlines Boeing 777 lands safely in Denver after engine failure
21 Feb 2021
Earthquake survivor rescued from debris 33 hours after in Turkey
1 Nov 2020
Car damaged by crane in road collision, not falling debris, say cops
21 Sep 2020
Driving through aftermath of Beirut port blast
5 Aug 2020
Search for survivors as Cambodia building collapse toll rises to 7
4 Jan 2020
China's PLA soldiers help clean up Hong Kong streets
17 Nov 2019
Landowner and operator of an illegal factory fined RM2,000 over Bukit Teh illegal dumpsite
20 Jun 2019
Rain causes two landslides at Cameron Highlands
25 May 2019
Lombok quake claims life of second Malaysian
18 Mar 2019
Death toll rising after tsunami hits Indonesia
24 Dec 2018
MH370: Family members hand over pieces of debris to Transport Minister
30 Nov 2018
Rescuers in Marseille find one body in rubble of collapsed buildings
6 Nov 2018
Indonesian plane crashes into sea near Jakarta, wreckage found
29 Oct 2018
Landslide kills 31 in eastern Uganda
12 Oct 2018
Drone footage shows damages after quake and tsunami in Indonesia
30 Sep 2018
Waves of plastic, debris found in Caribbean sea off coast of Santo Domingo
21 Jul 2018
Waves of plastic, debris found in Caribbean sea off coast of Santo Domingo
21 Jul 2018
Debris of Russian plane spread over 1km, say investigators
12 Feb 2018
Indonesia police rule out bomb as exchange floor collapse injures a dozen
15 Jan 2018
Close call for cab driver
28 Nov 2017
Angkasa says chances of spacecraft falling to Malaysia are very low
16 Nov 2017
Space debris scattered over Ubon Ratchathani
16 Nov 2017
Railway bridge collapse in eastern India kills one, traps more
11 Sep 2017
Liow: DCA officials in Madagascar to retrieve possible MH370 wreckage
5 Sep 2017
Mudslide kills 200 in Sierra Leone
15 Aug 2017
Flotilla of garbage mars the beauty of Prachuap Khiri Khan's shoreline
13 Apr 2017
Disaster tourism: bitter lifeline for mud volcano survivors
18 May 2016