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Batang Kali landslide: Last victim laid to rest together with dad and sis
28 Dec 2022
Remains of family killed in Batang Kali landslide arrive in Melaka for funeral rites
22 Dec 2022
Thai massacre victims 'sent to heaven' in mass cremation
12 Oct 2022
Widow of deceased helicopter pilot claims his body
19 Sep 2022
Samy Vellu cremated after emotional farewell
16 Sep 2022
Family and friends say goodbye to Shebby Singh
15 Jan 2022
Association steps up to help families cremate Covid-19 victims
11 Aug 2021
Drone footage shows non-stop mass cremations in New Delhi
23 Apr 2021
Cremation of Indian rape victim causes anger
1 Oct 2020
Bodies of Tanjung MCA Youth chief's wife, mother and children cremated
19 Nov 2017
Monks perform exorcism for rabies victim
13 Nov 2017
Punter strikes it rich
7 Nov 2017
Flower offerings during the Royal cremation
27 Oct 2017
Taoist priest who died while performing "human steaming", cremated
27 Oct 2017
Late Thai King remains collected after night of tears
27 Oct 2017
Mourners congregate for late Thai king's five day funeral
27 Oct 2017
Elaborate cremation ceremony for Thai king begins
26 Oct 2017
Busy preparation in Ipoh for the late Thai king's religious ceremony
25 Oct 2017
Mementos of a beloved King
24 Oct 2017
Thailand set for final farewell of beloved monarch
24 Oct 2017
Thais urged to use black umbrella on Royal cremation day
19 Oct 2017
Thai Princess to lead procession at Royal cremation ceremony
18 Oct 2017
Bhutan's Royal couple to attend King Bhumibol's cremation ceremony in Bangkok
18 Oct 2017
Financial institutions to close on Royal cremation day in Thailand
18 Oct 2017
Foreign diplomats in Thailand given a tour of the Royal chariot prior to King Bhumibol's cremation
13 Oct 2017
Thailand's airport offers free parking for Royal cremation attendees
12 Oct 2017
Entertainment outlets told to tone down as a sign of respect during Thailand's Royal funeral
10 Oct 2017
Thailand's Tesco Lotus to close nationwide as a sign of respect on the Royal cremation day
9 Oct 2017
Thousands queue to pay last respects to Thailand's late king
5 Oct 2017