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Nazri Aziz proposes to withdraw bill on police conduct to be debated in Dewan Rakyat
11 Aug 2020
Shouting match in Parliament as MPs debate motion to replace Speaker
13 Jul 2020
Four arrested after fight breaks out in Ipoh hospital
20 May 2020
Angry crowd gather outside Tronoh rep Paul Yong's service centre
11 Mar 2020
India mob attack survivor tells of vicious beating
27 Feb 2020
Another PKR clash after commotions in Melaka congress
8 Dec 2019
Keep it cool, says Wan Azizah after brawl at PKR congress
6 Dec 2019
Buffalo shot dead after causing commotion at Jonker Walk
13 Nov 2019
Reporters lodge police report over alleged assault
12 May 2019
Commotion at Pakatan Harapan's operation centre
14 Apr 2019
Commotion in Parliament after Mujahid says BN govt ‘buat tahi’ with Tabung Haji
26 Mar 2019
Cameron Highlands by-election: War of words between PH and BH supporters
26 Jan 2019
Tommy Thomas says taken aback by ruckus
4 Jul 2018
Umno marks 72nd anniversary in sombre mood
11 May 2018
Archbishop not rattled by heckling, calls for religious harmony
27 Feb 2018
Theft suspect found dead in Penang
11 Dec 2017
Chinese nationals clash with cops after possibly communication breakdown in KL
12 Nov 2017
Football hooligans charged
17 Oct 2017
Two hurt in commotion after Malaysia Cup semi-final tie
16 Oct 2017