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Fabric of Malaysian society is like yee sang - diverse and colourful, says PM
21 Feb 2021
Amazing aerial view of colorful salt pans in China's Shandong
23 Dec 2020
Africa's 'best dressed' man matches his bright-coloured suits with face masks
4 Aug 2020
Retro Recipe: Potato nests with eight treasure stir-fry
22 Jul 2020
Ismail Sabri holds last Covid-19 daily presser, says no more colourful batik shirts next week
14 Jun 2020
Chariots procession draws huge crowd in Penang
7 Feb 2020
Bonding via joint culture initiative
20 Jan 2020
Retro Recipe: Nasi minyak hujan panas
11 Sep 2019
Laws to be proposed on Raya promotions to stop wastage
8 May 2019
OFF THE BEAT: Sakura in London
3 May 2019
'El Chapo' found guilty on all counts
13 Feb 2019
Hot air balloon fiesta kicks off with a bang
9 Feb 2019
Colourful countdown to Visit Sarawak Year 2019
1 Jan 2019
Dr Mahathir officiates new “Putrajaya” signage
31 Dec 2018
Multiracial crowd throng Miri Xmas parade
8 Dec 2018
Rebel without a pause
6 Oct 2018
Colourful show of patriotism at Sabah and Sarawak National Day celebrations
31 Aug 2018
Batu Caves receives colourful makeover
28 Aug 2018
Colourful celebration of heritage
8 Jul 2018
Celebration of ancient Hindu pagodas in Thailand's Northeast
10 Apr 2018
Colourful lanterns to promote Thai Chinese event
9 Feb 2018
Christmas spirit is definitely here in Sibu
13 Dec 2017
Winter wonderland in European zoos
2 Dec 2017
3-D Dragons to welcome Nine Emperor Gods Festival celebration
19 Oct 2017
Colourful turnout for Batik Fun Walk 2017
8 Oct 2017
Creative way to alert passerby
21 Sep 2017
Najib given rousing welcome home
15 Sep 2017
Zany costumes add colour to Anak-Anak Malaysia Walk
28 Aug 2017
School spirit for Merdeka celebration
24 Aug 2017
Turning Point: Her amazing journey from Gay World to MBS
25 May 2016
Cambodian butterflies help villagers make a living
9 Mar 2016