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Hong Kong funeral services overwhelmed by Covid-19
6 Apr 2022
Sibu families shocked to find loved ones' graves defiled, remains missing
4 Apr 2022
Sri Lanka produces cardboard coffins amid Covid surge
25 Aug 2021
Indonesian coffin maker overwhelmed with orders as Covid-19 surges
6 Jul 2021
Candidate for Mexican congress kicks off campaign from a coffin
9 Apr 2021
Crowds in Buenos Aires line up to pay their respects to Maradona
26 Nov 2020
Mourners pay respects to Ginsburg at U.S. Supreme Court
24 Sep 2020
Teary farewell for 15-year-old student who fell to her death from apartment
3 Oct 2018
Jonghyun's coffin departs for cemetery
21 Dec 2017
Penang floods: Boat used to move casket
5 Nov 2017
For some Indonesians, relationship with loved one doesn't end at the grave
29 Sep 2017
Lively funeral for a nonagenarian in Trang
31 Mar 2016