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22 Jul 2021
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20 Jun 2021
105-year-old Kelantanese man ignores village’s anti-vax talk, gets vaccinated
2 Jun 2021
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24 May 2021
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12 May 2021
China Daily | Asia Featured: Kito Rato cafe in Indonesia
18 Apr 2021
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12 Apr 2021
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7 Apr 2021
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26 Mar 2021
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26 Jan 2021
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30 Aug 2020
‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ host Regis Philbin dies at 88
26 Jul 2020
Coffee and snack chains try to figure out new normal
2 Jun 2020
Education Malaysia chairman pleads not guilty to CBT involving RM178k
13 Jan 2020
Anwar-Azmin coffee meet get tongues wagging
15 Oct 2019
Do you know ... about International Coffee Day?
1 Oct 2019
Plastic cups runneth over at Cambodia's Rubbish Cafe
19 Jul 2019
World's first matcha latte art competition - hipster barista heaven
24 May 2019
Semenyih by-election: Uncle Kentang pledges space for smokers in restaurants
22 Feb 2019
No Perak MB will be secure, says Ahmad Faizal
30 Dec 2018
Eateries object to smoking ban
12 Nov 2018
Coffee waste could help power future batteries
27 Jul 2018
Police called in after bizarre fight in Singapore
1 Apr 2018
Prison menu served at event celebrating old police station
22 Feb 2018
Cops looking for woman to assist drug-laced coffee probe
6 Feb 2018
Dr Subra: Premix coffee will not be pulled off shelves as no proof of contamination
4 Feb 2018
Premix coffee may have been tampered with, say cops
3 Feb 2018
“We became dizzy before fainting” says Nepalese guards
1 Feb 2018
Our products are suitable for all, say employees
1 Feb 2018
Coffee shop replaces spoon with cinnamon stick
26 Jan 2018
Free lunch for the community in Perak Road, George Town
26 Dec 2017
Perak Sultan launches book "Fulfilling A Legacy - Tun Razak Foundation"
29 Aug 2017
Turning trash into cash
30 Mar 2017
Sexy ‘bunny’ waitresses proves to be a bankable idea
27 Mar 2017
Spoil your taste buds Down Under
15 Dec 2016
The perfect cup part one: Yoseph the farmer
14 Jul 2016
The perfect cup part two: Adi the Q-grader
14 Jul 2016
Starbucks hikes prices
13 Jul 2016
Hot Spots: Calanthe Art Cafe, Malaysia
30 May 2016
Laos has the largest coffee plantation in Asia
29 Feb 2016