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Education Ministry welcomes Court of Appeal decision on vernacular schools
23 Nov 2023
Vernacular schools: Appeals court upholds constitutionality, dismisses appeals by NGOs
23 Nov 2023
International Sinology conference explores cultural frontiers
20 Sep 2023
Turkmenian sisters chase dream in NW China
15 May 2023
Turkmen graduate teaches Chinese in alma mater
13 May 2023
Chinese Language Day: A Celebration of Diversity and Language
20 Apr 2023
988 hits records and gives its app a facelift
20 Jun 2022
Hitched! Couples tied the knot on auspicious 520
20 May 2022
Meet the promoter of Mandarin in Hong Kong
19 Oct 2020
UEC holders specialising in Chinese language ever-present at Teachers Training Institutes since 2011
11 Aug 2020
988 launches 12th CNY album
9 Dec 2019
Education Ministry open to discuss teaching other calligraphic studies in school
4 Aug 2019
Anwar: PAS leader's call to end vernacular schools “not smart and improper”
22 Jun 2019
DNA23: Huawei sees potential in recruiting Malaysian talent, says Ong
17 Apr 2019
Barisan candidate speaks in Mandarin in attempt to woo Chinese voters
23 Feb 2019
Radio station 988 drama team gets into the Malaysia Book Of Records
30 Sep 2018
PM says he won't make an issue out of Guan Eng's Chinese statements
25 Jun 2018
Chong: UMCLS and UM authority should work together
16 Dec 2017
MCA to help resolve UM's Chinese Language Society suspension issue
5 Dec 2017
Nazri welcomes Najib's commitment to add more vernacular schools in country
16 Sep 2017
Popular Thai novel now available in Chinese language
1 May 2017