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Register marriage to avoid problems in child’s birth certs
23 Jul 2020
Hannah gives statement to police in probe over tweet
23 Jun 2020
Women’s Day group calls for ban on child marriage
8 Mar 2020
New Thai king greets crowd on final day of coronation
7 May 2019
Malaysia moving to ban child marriages
15 Nov 2018
Call to end child marriages
13 Nov 2018
Mandatory education age and open conversation can help curb child marriages
7 Oct 2018
PAS agrees that Govt can intervene if there is exploitation in child marriages
27 Jul 2018
Ministry sets up SOP on child marriages under Shariah Court
11 Jul 2018
DPM: Child bride marriage in Kelantan still valid under Islamic law
10 Jul 2018
Man fined RM1,800 for marrying 11-year-old girl without syariah court's consent
9 Jul 2018